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Cinderella Man SoundtrackCinderella Man Soundtrack | Thomas Newman and Various Artists
an emily blunt soundtrack review

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Cinderella Man's score and soundtrack is just glorious. Composer Thomas Newman captures the heart and soul of this emotional film, and sprinkles in a few time-capsule-ish accruements to give the whole work a pugilist's pop.

Newman continues to fascinate me with his talents. He scored so many great films; Road to Perdition, American Beauty and my beloved Lemony Snicket for example. And, each time he seems to not grow - as he's already a remarkable composer - but …thrill with his subtle haunting or blatant manipulation of your inner senses!

For Cinderella Man Newman uses the piano like a weeping willow tree blowing softly in the troubled air. And he's pulled out all the stops for the cd's twenty scored works; the Hurdy Gurdy makes an appearance by Bill Bernstein, Kathleen Keane whips up some Irish fiddle worthy of a bonny birthday bash! And Eric Rigler lends Uilleann pipes…be still my little music loving soul.

Newman, and his remarkable ensemble, gets into the feel of the film's time, and the ambience of the era, with smooth sweet notes and proper songs-of-the-day inclusions. Track 2, 'Shim-Me-Sha-Wobble', by Miff Mole and his Molers, is an auditory time machine that takes the mind immediately back to the over crowded gin dens of New York. Track 8, 'Tillie's Downtown Now,' makes you long for the smoke filled corner speakeasy your grandparents try to explain…it's slow sleepy, jazzy and plain old grand. And Track 25, 'Cheer Up! Smile Nertz!,' by Eddie Cantor with Phil Spitalny's music, is one of those forgotten lift-your-spirits songs - once a top ten'r for the little guy who's lost a pound of pride. And as if the cd were not bursting with reasons to buy already…the ever-fab, Paul Giamatti whistles a ditty, 'Londonderry Air,' that melds into a following Celtic hued 'Hope of the Irish,' that may make you rise upon your feet to do the jig!

Newman has also sprinkled some crowd background sounds (from the endless boxing bits in the film) to remind you, I suppose, that Mr. James J. Braddock's luscious "World Champion Boxer Rises From Skid Row" story is firmly the backbone of this musical masterpiece.

The cd is an immediate must have for collectors. Enjoy. Buy It!


1. Inside Out
2. Shim-Me-Sha-Wobble
3. Mae
4. Change of Fortune
5. Weehawken Ferry
6. Cold Meat Party
7. All Prayed Out
8. Tillie's Downtown Now
9. Three Bucks Twenty
10. Corn Griffin
11. Shoe Polish
12. Londerry Air - Paul Giamatti
13. Hope of the Irish
14. Hooverville Funeral
15. Fight Day
16. Good as Murder
17. We've Got to Put That Sun Back in the Sky
18. No Contest
19. Pugilism
20. Bulldog of Bergen
21. Big Right
22. 9, 4, 2, Even
23. Cinderella Man
24. Turtle
25. Cheer Up! Smile! Nertz! - Eddie Cantor


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