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Mr. Ralph Fiennes is that rare breed of actor, that can really call himself an actor. Formal training, then on to the Shakespearean stage. Ralph is a skilled Shakespearean actor ya know. He was hailed on the Great White Way (Broadway) for his portrayal of Hamlet— he won a Tony! Not a man named Tony, but the award like an Oscar, but for Thespians of the stage.

Though he's made some faux pas along they way, think Avengers, we always have Wuthering Heights or Schindler's list, or even English Patient as a strong reminder.( One you simply must find is, the Fiennes family effort, Onegin. it's simply beautiful...Even Liv Tyler couldn't ruin it.) Talent oozes from his strong jawed, piercing eyed, carved body, with those long, inviting arms and...oops. Sorry, I was daydreaming again (she said, wiping the sweat from her brow and making the "Whew" sound). I got two words: Man Steak.

This British beuaty, Ralph, pronounces his name "Ray-ff", not cause he's a snob like everyone thinks, it's just the way Brits pronounce Ralph. It seems weird...can you imagine Ray-ff Kramden? Norton would be going: Hey, Raff-ee boy! Nah.

But as the object of my affection is British, he is allowed to firmly correct the interviewers for correct pronounciation of his beautiful, albeit confusing name, without being labeled a toad.

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