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40 Day and 40 Nights

Starring: Josh Hartnett, Shannyn Sossamon, Monet Mazur, Paulo Constanzo, and Maggie Gyllenhaal
Directed by: Michael Lehmann

After the first thirty minutes the story picks up and supplies some hearty laughs…and of course stud muffin Josh Hairnett, er, Hartnett is adorable! He handles the part with a rare charisma. So even this so-so comedy, in his hands, is pulled up by its chuckles and delivers some actual guffaws. With a less charming actor 40 Days and 40 Nights would have been like 40 whacks with 40 whips (something Hartnett's welcome to explore with me any day baby!).

It's a post-teen-outta college- looking at career-life movie with a total twist on the sex-every half a scene scenario so popular in the genre…..See Matt Sullivan (Josh - breath- Hartnett) has decided to give up sex for Lent (Catholic religious thing for Jesus). He's been dumped by his sexbomb girlfriend (Monet Mazur) - six months ago- and still has recurring anxiety attacks while he attempts to fornicate (over and over again) with a multitude of hot chickbabes. Poor thing.

So, to try and purge himself of her and her lasting hold on his psyche, he decides to give up sex for Lent. Yeah, that's logical. So Matt gives up sex and all things considered sexual or sexy. Sure a guy can give up sex for a month or so but giving up feather tickling the one-eyed wiener man? Or not being able to spank the erected set once and while? Nadda on the Crisco Oil© palm massages? Yep, he gives up masturbation, kissing, fondling — everything.

His co-workers at his Internet Company start up a web site wagering how many days it will be before he caves. Wagers come in from around the world. Matt has no idea of his internet status...

Naturally, as Matt is painfully heading towards day seven of his celibacy commitment he meets a wonderful girl named Erica (Shannyn- cupie doll- Sossamon). She's unaware of his vow and thinks he may be old-fashioned, or gay. When she finally learns the truth behind his bizarro behavior she agrees not to touch him or to allow him to touch her until the commitment is fulfilled…

However, they do have a tryst with an orchid that's way sexier than about eighty percent of the full- on rabid Rhesus monkey sex scenes films serve up these days! The two caress and play with each via the petals as we the audience watched with the beads of sweat growing around our brows. I have to remember to stop and buy an orchid for my date later…

Will Matt make it the whole 40 days? What do you think? Do you care you're here to see Hartnett right?

Does the story remind you of the famous Seinfeld episode yet? Sure, same story concept but, someone as handsome and available as Hartnett's character Matt abstaining is way harder to believe then Jerry Seinfeld. I mean, who wants to even know that man has sex? Let alone-- and perish the thought of sex with himself ?? Yech.

Speaking of Hartnett? Two words…EVIL SEXY! Joshala is like a honey-flavored bagel, toasted crispy oozing full fat butter…delicately massaging your taste buds. Scrumptious! Yeppo, he sends me into such a tizzy, I feel like a wingless hornet with a bee in its bonnet.

Shannyn Sossamon was last in that god awful A Knight's Tale. She's cute. She better be careful though, there's already one Winona Ryder and her Erica role here had her doing an uncanny imitation of the girl interrupted "shopping."

Maggie Gyllenhaal from Donnie Darko fame, plays Erica's confidant gal pal Samantha …hopefully, someday Hollywood will give this girl a leading role.

Matt's best friend Ryan played by Road Trip cutie Paul Costanzo supplied some funny one liners and will drive the girls who are anti-Hartnett looks into their own little euphoric state of being. He's quirky cute, like the film itself.

Bottom line? 40D&40N starts off too slow to really make it a comedy winner. As it picks up speed the jokes too, come faster making it actually fun and cute. But alas a tad too late. For those into Josh of course you will have to run and see this. He's lookin' spectacular and handles his role with charm. For those without the desire for two hours of Hartnett's stone cold good looks wait for the rental.

Snack Recommendation: Starbuck's Mocha Latte

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