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40 Year-Old Virgin40 Year-Old Virgin
(<- an extra 1/2 a star given for Mr. Carell's amazing abilties within this film)

Starring: Steve Carrel. Catherine Keener, Paul Rudd.
Directed/written by: Jud Aptow (w/Steve Carell)



Bluntly speaking? I know what you're thinking...The photo either evokes giggles of glee, or grates like a screeching monkey. Me it evokes glee; and I adore Steve Carell Trust him - his choices. This is one helluva hoot.

Story goes...Andy is, yes a virgin. It's just never's just a fact . It's also a fact he's Mr. Innuendo - but Carell, er, Andy's timing, keeps it funny.

Andy's manpigs-on-the-perpetual prowl friends David (Paul Rudd) and Cal (Seth Rogen), make it their mission to assist Andy in his deflowering or, better phrased, his initial hiding of the sausage in the knish fest of carnal bliss.

Oddly enough Andy's not really some ugly-perve that one crosses the street when spotting, "It's" just kind of never happened for him...

That is, maybe, now that Andy has met Trish (Catherine Keener). He may get there, and now, he actually wants to do the deed despite the dastardly damning hand of fate in fornication he's faced!

Sure - Trish finds Andy a bit of a enigma in the 21st century of tele-sex, portable-love-mates, and Internet-encounters. But, among the jokes and guffaws, these two may actually fall outta bed and into love...

Come on what do you expect? I mean really. 40 Year-Old is your summer filthified sex-romp ala American Pie with an older post-pimple era lead. The film can drag at times, and the whole reasoning behind a 40 year-old virgin raises an eyebrow...But bottom line, thanks in most part to Mr. Carell, and his timing, and likeabilty, as opposed to say this being a Tom Green vehicle, the film is just hilarious.

And while we are talking about hilarious, if that "geek" in the film looks familiar, it's because your subconscious may recognize Steve Carell stealing scenes from Mr. Carrey back in Bruce Almighty. Or maybe you know him form The Daily Show. Or you've become addicted, like myself, to The Office (American-verison) where he's the whacked-out gate-free boss. But now with this raunchy-perfect-timing frat-house insta-classic, all will soon be talking about Mr. Carell around the water-hole. Enjoy.

Snack recommendation: Chocolate dipped strawberries...


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