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Pay it Forward

Starring: Kevin Spacey, Haley Joel Osment, Helen Hunt, Jay Mohr, and J. Bon Jovi
Directed By: Mimi Ledger

Kevin Spacey, whom you may or may not know I adore, is brilliant once again. I love hearing a new Spacey flick is coming me tingly toes and jittery limbs. Not in that way- but in an honest to goodness adoration of the man's enormous... talent. I mean don't you get tired of having to watch 1940's movies for real American acting icons? (DeNiro, Lemmon and Pacino aside.) Spacey's like a throw back to the old ways and methods. Pure, seamless natural talent.

This little Osment chap is just cookies and cream, edible. I'm not even going to make fun of his oh-so-Hollywood panache name. I'd actually consider birthing if I could be guaranteed a child as talented, bright and warm as he. This small typhoon has more talent in his little 12 year old finger than MANY of the adults running around orating dialog like bad presidential candidates. Haley kind of looks like little version of Spacey...odd.

Helen Hunt , who may or may not be having an affair with Spacey (-puke-), was good too. Yes, yes, perhaps better than the other two. Best Actress 2000 written aaallll over the performance. So she's got tremendous talent. I may add, her hair was too blonde, her breasts a touch too perfect? That's all I have to say. Yes, I'm bitter- look it's my review-I don't have to be nice. She was good in all her other works (Good as it Gets, Twister) and she's golden here. She's very talented, beautiful and disgustingly slim...Arrrggghhh, all right? BUT, I bet she wouldn't know a Mercer tune from a Darin tune, or a O'Neill play from a Boswell journal, so she's not that perfect then is she!

Pay it Forward's story goes... Social studies teacher Eugene Simonet (Spacey) is giving his young class a little assignment. They must do a something to change the world... Well one student Trevor (Osment) really gets into it. He develops a plan. Pay It Forward. He helps three people , then they each help three people and so on. He looks to help his home, natch. He thinks Mr. Simonet and his Mommy (Hunt) would make a good couple.

Did I mention Kevin sports facial scars, like Man Without a Face scars, as Simonet? Suffice to say, Mr. Eugene Simonet is scared in more ways than just physically. Sniff. But Trevor's mom, Arlene, may be able to warm the fellow. Love may just break poor Eugene's earned frosty exterior. You'll just have to go and see...

Fear not, PIF is much more than a hokey Sleepless in Seattle rip, or simply a commercial vehicle for an ultra-hot commodity and cutesy actor (Osment, I mean). It's meant to remind all of us we really should treat each other a little better...You know like that week before Christmas when everybody gets along, your can hear the carolers caroling, chestnuts- a-roasting, and no one cuts you off in traffic. Or if they do, they nod apologetically and you respond with a wink of reciprocal acceptance- not like the other 358 days when he whizzes past just nicking your new Rover's custom chrome bumper, his taunting finger way up in a call to battle, you oblige, run him off the road like a Hun, drag him, hair first from the car he drives, beat his trendy Fu Manchu beard wearing ass to a bloody- liver implant- like- state and leave him for the North American vultures...

No. Pay It Forward is the warmest movie of the year-so far. A tad sad, and a bit of a laughable last scene- but fluff's good some times. We are all a bit too cynical, no?

Jay Mohr (Go, Suicide Kings) and Angie Dickinson (Oceans 11-original version) , Jon Bon Jovi (U-571) and few other faces shine through into your retina for entertainment. All do an outstanding job.

Get out and see this -hope -giving- warm-stomach churning-touching- tear inducing- oscar winning- dare I say-perfect film by three of our best American actors. Believe it or not, there's not an Aussie in sight!

Snack recommendation: Lunchables and milk, and be sure to pack the industrial size box of Kleenex too...

PS-A little Hollywood buzzski... Kev's finally getting his pet project Bobby Darin thingy off the ground. Geeze my favorite actor playing my favorite showman? I don't know if I can even see it- I may go into cardiac arrest, and that would be rather depressing.


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