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American Psycho
Starring: Christian Bale, Willem Dafoe, Jared Leto and Chloe Sevigny
Directed by: Mary Harron
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Bluntly speaking? Why don't they get some balls, these studio executives? This was such a creepy concept. Nice looking well to do Wall Street do gooder who prefers murders and executions to the standard mergers and acquisitions. Go with it and don't try to please everybody. It only leads to a wimpy horror movie that could have been so much better.

Story goes... Patrick Bateman (Christian "a body to die for" Bale), is a nondescript self conscious name brand kind of slick boy. He sweats, profusely, over small stuff like who's business card is better represented or whether the weekend's reservations have been secured at the trendiest restaurant or not. He ponders the mysterious hidden meanings behind such cerebral unions of music and lyric as " It's Hip To Be Square." (a classic by Huey Lewis, no?) He has a fantastic New York apartment with that oh-so-cool aluminum kitchen. Though his view isn't over looking the park. Tsk tsk. He's well dressed, fit as a WWF contender and considered handsome.

He does have one small flaw though. He enjoys a late night human mutilation (or two) quite frequently to ease the days tension. Sure, he likes to chop people up. Everyone's got some kind of skeleton or hung prostitute in the closet. Right? Who's nit picking? He has rent control doesn't he?

Sounds wicked doesn't it? Yes, it should have been. But, American Psycho uses its dark humor side well, once you catch on they're not serious. There are also a few white knuckle inducing scary type scenes, don't get me wrong. But they gave us 2.3 seconds of gore and violence and about two hours of prozac-like dialog. Really the scariest thing about American Psycho was Patrick's references to real serial killers Ted Bundy and others that made you remember how sick these guys really are. Well, that and Pat's horrid taste in music.

Directed by a woman, who I am guessing is a tad bitter, because every guy who we meet is an ugly toadish waste of humanoid presence. This was no Ralph Fiennes day at the beach physically speaking girls. They even uyglified Mr. Bale who is so very much doable in "real" life.

Christian Bale is by far one of the studliest man popsicles out there today. He's uber creepy as Pat, yet still so slurpable. Shallow, I know.


Snack Recommendation: Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey Brain half pint.




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