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American WeddingAmerican Wedding

(an extra star was given for the hilarity of the "chocolate scene" alone...)
Starring: Eugene Levy, Seann William Scott, Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Thomas Ian Nicholas and John Jacob Jingle Heimer-Schmidt
Directed by: Jesse Dylan
Rated: R


American Wedding is four tiers of devilish laughter. The crew has managed to top the grand excrement gross-outs from AP1 & AP2 while being equally sentimental in story. And the result is often side bursting spasms of giggly glee. It's still just a slice of silly stoopid fun this time spotlighting the repellent charisma of "Stifler" oozing his uniquely odious self across sixty feet of screen!

Story goes…The cutebootillyapuke couple Jim (Jason - biddle be bop - Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson - "don't even utter that uber bitch Sarah's name or I'll friggin' deck ya" Hannigan) are getting married.

Michelle wants this to be a traditional American wedding…her day…and not filled with Jim's perpetual shenanigans. Jim's friends Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) and Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) are there for them…while Stifler (Seann William Scott) is just there.

Should you not be familiar with the American Pie series of films, "Stifler" is the kind of…guy…that uses cock (and I am not referencing a male chicken teeny-boppers) as an adverb and the ever-popular pub rhetoric "fuck" as a kind of multiple inter-sentence punctuation. And all for normalcy for the matrimonial day goes out the window once he finds out about the impending soiree and invites himself.

His presence is already terrifying the bridegroom but when Michelle's gorgeous and innocentish younger sister shows up - causing a machismo mambo 'tween Finch and Stifler - the odds of something going terribly wrong shoot up into the even money arena. This is going to be one helluva wedding party to be sure.

The AP cast are all here - including Eugene Levy who once again plays the very blunt father to "Jim." His heartfelt advice on life and love still makes you cringe and want to pee from laughter. Levy's special knack for the eyebrow up deadpan delivery of these painfully embarrassing insights is nothing short of comedy brilliance.

The happy couple is not the real focus of the film as their wedding might make you believe - it's Stifler or rather Seann William Scott. He is pouring on the smarm and oozing his special brand of creepiness so much you may need a bath after viewing. But the writer Adam Hertz manages to keep him the butt end of a keg-full of gross jokes so ultimately the Stifler gets stuffed. Not to mention even with the rudeness departing his lips the actor, Seannala, is so delightfully buff that during a hotter-then-double-Scotch Bonnet salsa dance scene there was an urge to light up Marlboros that unanimously awashed the smoke-free crowd…meow! Purrrrr.

American Wedding is just one of those enjoyable silly summer-fun films. There are no life lessons and you wont learn the meaning of life or any math - you'll just giggle a lot. Enjoy!

Snack recommendation: Chocolate Truffles

Blunt Aside: The soundtrack is great

1. Times Like These - Foo Fighters Listen Listen
2. Anthem - Good Charlotte Listen Listen
3. Forget Everything - New Found Glory Listen Listen
4. The Hell Song - Sum 41 Listen Listen
5. Swing Swing - The All-American Rejects Listen Listen
6. I Don't Give - Avril Lavigne
7. Laid - Matt Nathanson
8. The Art Of Losing - American Hi-Fi
9. Fever For The Flava - Hot Action Cop
10. Give Up The Grudge - GOB
11. Bouncing Off The Walls - Sugarcult
12. Come Back Around - Feeder
13. Any Ohter Girl - NU
14. Beloved - The Working Title
15. Calling You - Blue October
16. Honey & The Moon - Joseph Arthur
17. Into The Mystic - The Wallflowers

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