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American Pie 2

Jason Biggs, Shannon Elizabeth Chris Klein Alyson Hannigan , Thomas Ian Nicholas,Eugene Levy, Natasha Lyonne,Chris Owen, Tara Reid, Seann William Scott, Mena Suvari , Eddie Kaye Thomas and Jennifer Coolidge

James B. Rogers

The gangs all here ! Great friends and great laughs return home for the summer! The pie's baking and the keg is tapped.

Even if you missed the first American Pie with its here- we -are- world- entertain- us and please teach us what to do to / with girls typical movie line boys-to-men saga you'll pick up on Pie's humor. It's pretty basic post-teen plot stuff. It's the actors that make it enjoyable, along with the often witty script!

The Pie boys, Jim, Stifler, Kevin, OZ and Finch, are back for summer from their first year at college. They decide to rent a local cottage on the beach and make this the coolest summer ever. It's the palace of love, they hope. Cork a keg and they will come…the chicks that is, bikini clad babes from the beach in front. It works.

But still the guys have little life lessons brewing. Well, except the Stiffmeister (Seann William Scott), he's still just looking for perfect putang. Oz (Chris Klein) and Heather (Mena Suvari) maintain a long distance relationship via a wee bit-o-AT&T style foreplay, Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) still pines for Mrs. Stifler ( Jennifer Coolidge) after their turn-a-teen-into-a- man romp- ala- Mrs. Robinson scene of American Pie one. Kevin's (Thomas Ian Nicholas) all confused about friendships, and the future he equals the "sensible" character all these farcical flicks need to show the human side, the anchor; to the audience he equals "the boring scenes." Poor Jim (Jason Biggs), the pie lovin' all-American lad, returns home to find he's famous, but not in a good way. Seems he's become a big Internet star, due to his quick cyber captured cameo of his pre-ejaculation over his super-smit-love interest the exchange student, Nadia (Shannon "Worst Accent Award" Elizabeth).

Bad casting in Hollywood alert: Character Nadia looks like she's about a year over 27! I mean high school student my ass!

Anyway, this Nadia, away on a sightseeing America tour, has contacted dear Jim and wants a rendezvous. This means one thing: a second chance at baggin' the babe. Problem is even the dork-to-the-tenth-power-geekazoid-band girl Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) who helped Jim de-virginize has informed him he's the worst lover in the Continental United States and parts of Puerto Rico. He'll need lessons if he hopes to impress the leggy high school exchange student Nadia. Can she help him?

And Pie 2's , real star, Jason Biggs' Jim is still humiliating himself with sexual calamities, and his dad (Eugene "uni-brow" Levy) is still in the wrong place at the right time. But, it's not the now infamous apple pie Jason's eying for a little hide the penis in the, well, pie. No! This time he's grown sexually--it's been a year after all. He's more into porn stimulation and juicy lubricant…or is that lubricant? Oopsie, someone's got their Golly Roger all super glued up! One of the funniest scenes in the film again involves Biggs' , er, Jim's, self-gratification gone awry. Schmuck.

Eugene Levy has some classic lines that I could picture on tee shirts. Love this man. If you have missed Best in Show rent it tonight!

The cast is gorgeous; the extra-girls are strategically cut from that beach- bingo- mold- of -a- teen movie era gone by so the guys will be all-happied-up. The returning cast-o-boys still have a few years till they blossom into full aged mansteaks. But, they're in college (=legal) and looking mighty edible. Especially this young buck, Seann William Scott. Um, yum! Plus he's the one to watch out of the ensemble your wagering a side "who'll have an extended career" bet. Sure, Seannie-poo's playing repulsive slithering man pig "Stifler" in this, but beneath the titty-mad façade is a handsome fellow and a great comedic actor. I recommend more shirt-off roles though. Just a thought...

It's not quite as funny or original but, it works and the laughs are plenty.

Snack recommendation: Hot Dogs, Lubed prophylactics, and Beer.


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