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Elegant Simplicity | Architect Of Light

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Elegant Simplicity's, "Architect Of Light" album sounds exactly like the name and title. It is really more then beautiful and I can't say enough great things about it. The music is absolute candy to the ears. As you isten you may just feel like a new angel growing your wings as if you've been lifted up into the air.

The album in other words is elegant, splendid, wonderful, beautiful and rapturous.

"Architect of Light", is based on the adventures of a collective determined to escape a society enslaved for eons by technology, the album follows their progress towards redemption and, finally, freedom. The masterpiece of an album fuses rock, progressive rock, jazz and folk into something of a more then outstanding display of skill and delight.

Performed not only with traditional 'Rock' instruments (such as bass, electric, acoustic, drums, keyboards, etc), but also with an organ, piano, mellotron and flute along with the ethereal vocals, the music is electronic to distinctly symphonic with echoes of classical music. In all, "Architect Of Light" is an original and in many ways unique album which should please all music lovers.

Like I said it a story of progression to freedom. The first song, "Time To Breath," has a mood of something new about to spring up to life, the feeling of an adventure about to embark on, something exciting you know will be in your near destiny. The synthesizer and organ go together wonderfully and something that is so exciting to listen to. We here deep breathing at the end of a break threw of air and instantly goes into my favorite track, track 2 "Stars On the Water."

"Stars On The Water," starts out with lyrics, "is this a dream, cause it feels like I'm walking on air, too scared to breath" This reminds me of those first feelings of falling in love with someone, excitement with fear, something so wonderfully beautiful but at the same time terrifying. The song is so exquisite and has a melody of greatness with a smooth piano and guitar solos.

Track 3, the 16 minute song is awesome too! It starts out with a flute playing and throughout the song with this pleasant instrument giving the mood of a peace of mind and cheer. The lyrics near the beginning of the song, "The Architect Of Light will take me home," gives the feeling the, 'Architect Of Light,' is a love interest that will finally give freedom of someone's love to be unleashed. This song gives the mood of the beginning of something splendid like a true love bond between two people. The feelings of great delight, and any feelings of dimness too far to ever touch, but lasting joy and love that can only be in the future. You can feel even more happiness at the end of the song with guitar riffs and flute together holding strong to these lovely feelings.

"Its only because of you that I make it threw the night, nothing stands in my way, you're my Architect of Light," These are lyrics off track 4, "Architect of Light." The progression of this freedom seems now to have a hold on tight, with this freedom to stay and nothing less.

Track 5 and the last track of, "Architect Of Light." Gives the whole album more then a happy ending. "Capillary Attraction," starts off where track 4 ends and goes into a even more of a happier mood! It's an ending of pure delight, of accomplishment, of bone fides, an intense emotional attachment that will last forever and time after.

The 70-minute conceptual work consists of five tracks, each containing a lot of varied emotions with the excellent symphonic arrangements. The fans of complex symphonic progressive rock will not be disappointed, on the whole.

"Architect Of Light," is so wonderfully impressive and shines both vocally and instrumentally. This album is simply of inspiration, and inspiration in great music, an inspiration of true love and freedom. The music of Elegant Simplicity's "Architect Of Light," is just so amazing! Pick up "Architect Of Light," here


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