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Arrested Development
A NetFlix (Semi) Original Production





Arrested Development is back! The power of wishes heard ‘round the world seemed to actually work (perhaps we'll take on peace next...). The rebirthing is really no surprise. The show was ahead of its time...and we've caught up. Plus, Ron Howard (an Exec. Producer) has been into web-n-other-forms-of media accesses for over a decade. This time, he and a handful of others, worked with NetFlix to bring the delightfully off-center ‘family’ back.

Story goes…You can watch the first three seasons of Arrested Development on NetFlix (or IFC w/commercials), and happily step into a new season that catches up with the Bluth family a few years later…

Back in the day, the Bluth family took full advantage of the real estate boom of the early 2000s. Their property development wasn't quite code perfect and instead, morally (and literally) bankrupt. One of the family's members actually had a bit of a moral compass. Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman).

Remarkably, each of the original cast members are back. Michael (Jason Bateman) is still trying to have a life. Lindsay (Portia de Rossi Portia) is still with the sexually ambiguous Tobias (David Cross), GOB (Will Arnett) is still just a bad human specimen, George Sr.(Jeffery Tambor), is still scheming, George Michael (Michael Cera) is at college, cousin Maeby Funke (Alia Shawkat) is a power-player in Hollywood production, and so forth.

The writers brilliantly whip up episodes on each that eventually include comedic flashbacks to tie in earlier (in this season’s) storyline. It’s a remarkable bit of editing and stream-of-thought, the whole cast and crew fold into a wonderful new “semi-Original” treat watchable via NetFlix (streaming as well).

There are a few new characters, but you’ll have to watch – I’d be telling too much if I list. It is funnier when you experience the character additions. Each brings a kind of visual sorbet and verbal mélange to the table.

The others have aged quite well. Especially this adorable Jason Bateman. He's like Christian Bale. Bale was a hunk-in-development back in that mansteak littered (with full-frontal man part nudity kids; Ewan McGregor et al) Velvet Goldmine (see and enjoy). He, like Bateman, are just becoming slap-upside-the-head gorgeous as the years carve character upon their facades. Watching the likes of Bateman, Downey Jr., and a few others, a viewer sits quietly humbled and thankful Wildes' 'Dorian Gray' was just a roar of words.

A hearty thank you to all involved. Arrested Development cancellation all-those-years-ago broke many a heart. We can now heal…and through the gift of laughter. If you don't have NetFlix, between their presenting House of Cards and now AD? Now is most certainly the time to jump in and indulge your senses to something the brain can make sense of, instead of the reality tv dribble we are being force-fed via the boxed numbered channels.

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