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Batman BeginsBatman Begins

Starring: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Katie Holmes, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Rutger Hauer, Ken Wanatabe and Tom Wilkinson
Directed by: Christopher Nolan

Written by: Bob Kane & Screenplay-David S. Goyer/Nolan
Costumes remarkably done by: Lindy Hemming



Gothamly speaking? What can I say? The Batman rules. The cast is like a checklist of talents; from Christian Bale, to Michael Caine, to Cillian Murphy to Morgan Freeman to GARY OLDMAN for crimeny! They've made a thespian stew - who knew? Besides what's sexier than a brooding boy? Right a brooding boy with a bat mobile!

Story goes... Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) lost his parents in a bad way. Some billionaire orphans go evil with all their idle time. But, Bruce disappears, and finds his way into something called, "The League of Shadows."

They are hidden way up in the Himalayas and work on martial arts, perging revenge, working towards pure justice, and stuff like that.

But ultimately the club turns out not to be Bruce's thing...

He resurfaces in Gotham - which his family built - and informs his former caretaker, the beloved Alfred (Sir Michael Caine), that he's all-grown-up, sick of Gotham's corruption, and has decided to bite the head off of crime. I paraphrase...

Point is, we all get to see what makes a muskrat guard his musk - courage. And what makes a billionaire build a batsuit - here, it's the courage to face your fears. And Bruce's fears will turn a man (a very good-looking man), into a legend. (<- cue a Hans Zimmermany creshendo of Batmany music for your mental pleasure, or even retro Neil Hefti, it's your choice)

Bruce, err, Batman, will be going up against some pretty bad cats - The Scarecrow for one, and a kingpin (Tom Wilkinson) that would love to clip his wings before this hero hatchling makes his first merit badge.

But with Batman's new ideas for Gotham, and the help of his friends, he'll get by.

Meanwhile, while Bruce is getting use to caves, and tank-cars, the city is about to be under siege by a maniacal nutter weilding a psychotropic drug combined with a machine that goes twirl-ping, and been snuck into the water supply, ultimately to bring the gothic alleys of Gotham to a very creepy end (it's all very technical). The usual ultra-dramatic action-packed Batman fare...and it's scrumptious.

I'm a Batgirl (the way others dig Spiderman)...and know now director Christopher Nolan, and his battalion of talents, do not let we Bat lovin' folks down. The strange start of the film soon explains itself, and leads you through the psychology behind the man's mask, and down into the bat cave. It's a helluva tale - one we know - but has now visually been brought to life, properly - the beginning story I mean, as I still ADORE Burton's Batman....

Speaking of adore...Christian Bale went from a batty psycho in American Psycho, to a going-bats Machinist, to a bat mobile drivin', bat fetish wearin' suited yumsicle named Bruce - now that's diversified acting folks. Did I mention, Chris is a big old slice of manlyberry mantort, with a dollop of edible bits, beneath all that talent…purr.

And his acting colleagues running around this beautifully designed Gotham, like Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Tom Wilkinson, and Rutger Hauer radiate. Katie Holmes, as Bruce's love/best friend is fine - a bit out of her league acting-wise, and frankly a tad SNL sketchly Drew Barrymorish (lowering lip and smirk-style). Liam Neeson will surprise you, and Michael Caine is Alfred...Enjoy!

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