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Where’d You Go Bernadette
Maria Semple

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WYGB is a remarkable and original book. The format may require you to really give it a few pages to get the swing. But, once you do, your prize is an unfolding story with twists and giggles upon your route to its end.

Story goes…Bernadette is one of those eccentric sorts that makes a milquetoast, albeit hip, area, and take notice. As human nature is as it is, they prefer to go towards her light in a cynical judgmental way. The key here being mental. They regard Bernadette as a woman with deep issues that border upon the certifiable sort.

Her daughter is above all the flotsam, but worries. Each character we meet, through emails, letters to and fro and correspondences, has an opinion.

You are swooshed back and forth upon “sides” – for there are clearly high emotions running against and in the corner for Bernadette.

The title has you aware that at some point she is outta there. But, thankfully, the avenue is never clear how Semple will create the disappearance, and then work us around to the what happened.

Wonderful writing and hilarious characters (many down right duplicitous) will keep you turning pages, now very much a part of these strangers’ lives. “One of the years’ best books” taunts the cover. Fear not, in this instance, it isn’t hyper –Oprah said it was good so we all fall in line…Just give it a chance. Stay with it, and reap the journey’s reward.


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