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movie reviewsKill Bill Vol. 1
Starring: Uma Thurman, Vivica A. Fox, Daryl Hanna, Lucy Liu, Michael Madsen and David Carradine.
Directed/written by: Quentin Tarantino
Rated: obviously R


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BrilliantQuentin Tarantino has done it again…Kill Bill is a unique masterpiece of pulp and pop; it's pure adrenaline oozing fun!

Story goes… The Black Mamba aka The Bride (Uma Thurman) is a tad pissed. She's an ex-assassin in the infamous Deadly Viper Squad run by Bill (David Carradine). On her wedding day the gang showed up - but not to wish the blushing bride happiness and love - but to kill everyone in the chapel.

Well, they didn't quite finish the job and The Bride's now ready to kick some ass herself.
She makes a list of the five main offenders, her "Kill List Five," and begins her journey of revenge.

She paces herself, arms herself and maintains an attitude that has no room for silly girly feelings like compassion and forgiveness. No way Jose - she's out for blood - lots of it.

Though director Quentin doesn't need to follow order to keep us glued to the screen…

Methodically she seeks out her adversaries; O- Ren Ishi aka Cottonmouth (Lucy Liu) is the first on the list. And in what can only be called an action-packed 'Ballet of Blood' The Bride dismembers and slices through O-Ren's Crazy 88 hitmen like human sushi in what may be the longest sword fight scene in film's sword fight scene history...But O-Ren's last remaining and completely insane body guard displayed in a pixie package named Go Go (Chiaki Kuriyama) is no library-card-Teen-Beat-subscribing adolescent and steps up to give The Bride one helluva cat fight.

Hmm...who'd ya think won...

Next is Vernita aka Copperhead (Vivica A. Fox). The Bride's not being swayed by Copperhead's new found life, complete with the home, husband and kid…she's come to kill and kill she will.

The rest on The Bride's macabre list, like the coordinated eye-patch wearing Elle Driver aka California Mountain Snake (Daryl Hannah), Budd aka Sidewinder (Michael Madsen), and the uber-hated Bill, will have to wait for volume two to be executed…the film had to end.

Kill Bill explodes with mega-watt action and campy stitches. Tarantino jumps back and forth between the plot and dots in Japanese style animation to divulge his tale. The delightful and surreal visuals are accented with a perfectly pulsing soundtrack and superb chickbabe performances by several of the hottest babes on film. This isn't the Harper Valley PTA gang - it's samurai sword wielding vixens in their tip-topest forms. Uma steals the show - as always - but each is fun-o-rama to root for as they hi-ya! and Matrix-effect-up the screen before you.

Naturally Kill Bill is a blood-bath extravaganza as only Quentin can produce. There's a multitude of Sergio Leone odes and oodles of that distinct sense of humor Tarantino continually brings to his murderers. Bluntly speaking? QT's back and damn if the wait wasn't well worth it.

Snack recommendation: Mary's good gravy over Trix© brand cereal served with hot tea.

A must have soundtrack:



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