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The Blair Witch Project had me awestruck. Camping? What's that? People actually sleep in the woods?Why? I just don't get it. Ya know, not for nothin', but if you're dumb enough to do something like that, then don't come running to me with tales of whoa. A nice Hyatt with hard water on the outskirts of the park, with a hired scout would have been my idea of roughing it. But, they were young and naive...

Three college students are making a documentary about the legendary Blair Witch. They venture out to East Bumfuch middle of the woods to get a shot of a rock the witch tortured some people on there (possibly showing re-runs of the Dilbert?), and a cemetery-where the witch buried several of her victims. Heather (Heather Donahue ) is the would-be movie maker addicted to celluloid in a big way. Josh (Joshua Leonard) is the easy going camera man with an affection for tacky jewelry, and Michael (Michael Williams) is the quite sound man. What happens to this trio is the stuff grade A nightmares are made of. First off the woods are scary enough in the daytime, what with all that wild life running around and no indoor plumbing. But, at night? Why? Well, 'let's go hang in the woods at night'-that is not a group of words this nearsighted chick needs too use quite frankly. Unless, it's James Woods, but I am still smarting from his appearance in Vampires.

Our heroes are camping' and start to hear- things. Sounds. Odd creepy terrifying sounds. The sounds are all around their tent. In the morning they find bizarre ritual like witchcraft structures circling the tent-this can not be a good sign. The next day in the deeper middle of Nowheresville they come across some more freaky voodoothings. Large wood hangings strewn around in the trees. Just horrifying! And as character Michael (Michael Williams) says no 'rednecks are that creative!' Here is where these young folk decide they are dead mea, last night's beef jerky, the end is near.

They lose, ahem, their map-the only possible hope they have to being back in time for 39 cent hamburger day. Must be community college grads. They are running out of food, and worst of all- the smokes are gone! Oh, there's plenty of film though. They keep filming away. Recording their eminent demise. The scariest movie ever made? No. It's the realism that will have you breathless.Writers/directors Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez did a superb job. The cast blew me away. Bravo to all.

Snack recommendation: Trail mix
Starring: Heather Donahue, Michael Williams, Joshua Leonard

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