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Legally Blonde

Starring: Reese Witherspoon , Luke Wilson,Selma Blair
Matthew Davis, Victor Garber, Jennifer Coolidge, Holland Taylor, Ali Larter, Jessica Cauffiel, Alanna Ubach with Racquel Welsh

Directed By: Robert Luketic



Reese Witherspoon is back baby! She weighs like 100 pounds or something. I guess she birthed (hubby=angelic Ryan Phillipe) and bolted out to the gym. Good little starlette.

While Legally Blonde hasn't got the charm of Nurse Betty, or the laugh- out- loud- till- your -lungs- bleed schticks of legendary Private Benjamin, it does have Reese and she brings the movie to life and makes it witty and bouncy enough to recommend. It's campy silly humor delivered by a witty and bouncy beautiful actress.

Legally Blonde's story goes...Spoiled yet kind Elle Wood (Reese " peanutbutter on a" Witherspoon) goes to CU. She's a Bel Air gal born and breed. Tropical Problem is she stuck on East Coast snob, Warner Huntington III, from a blueblood background trying to Kennedy his way into life and law school. Elle's a tart of sorts. Bright clothes, gosh-golly head tilts, versed in fabric qualities, and knows a last season DKNY when she sees one- shudder. She's just not "Jackie" material. No self-respecting congressman-to-be could marry her she's just too BLONDE! So she's dumped.

For some reason she believes she can, and must, "prove" she's worthy to this horrible third generation snob cake . Yech. Poor girl. How? How does a bright beautiful women impress an Ivy League lug? Simple, all she has to do is get into law school. HARVARD law school, where the beau of her fogged little mind is attending.

We learn Elle's actually a smart ditz; 4.0 in her current major (Fashion Design), as well as top of her high school graduating class. All she needs to enter is a 175 on the feared and dreaded LSAT test! Yeah, that's all...Elle tortures herself by cutting out all pedicures, shopping sprees, even PJ sorority parties, for the LSAT 40 pound 3400 page cram books. She want everything to go perfect, so she even hires a Coppola to direct her Harvard submission "video." She's got sass. She sassy.

Obviously she gets in. However, she may learn more than just the corpus erectus platunmbatum cardious ruling of 1978. She may learn, life's more than stuck up boyfriends, furry phone covers, and emergency manicures!

Or not.

The story had a few terrible scenes where you just looked at the screen in pure horror at their generic attempt of intriguing sub-plot before you. But, there are so many cute, scenes mixed with a nice, light, mindless humor, and of course Witherspoon you can forgive all that. If your one of those "despise her" people, well, you're gonna hate this—warning you .

Reese is typical Reese, cute and funny, flirty and dingy. It's a role that comes easy to this young underrated chickbabe. Though, it was similar to her Election character, she may be in for some ridicule from less forgiving reviewers...They are similar but not identical. They've got that whole ditzy girl who's secretly a powerhouse theme. Ree has a knack for comedy to be sure. A facial contortionist who delivers lines with a linguist's perfection.

Luke Wilson, who plays Emmet a friend of Elle's at Harvard, has manly man features gone awry. He scared me. I don't know, too much jaw line, which, before Luke, I hadn't thought, was impossible. Is there a name for that phobia? Acrhnojawthatbigia ? His body, however, is delectable...But how does one get over the Hamster-storing-a-snack look?

Mathew Davis, here as Elle's blue blood bean headed beau, is terribly attractive in a blue blood bean headed way. I noticed him in Pearl Harbor all beefcaked up and scene stealing. He's a little to, well, "Harvard boy" to ever be a true Blunt smit. Perhaps if I were able to take the squeaky clean puppy and roll him in semi-wet mud he'd come out all scruffy and Brad Pitt looking, thusly a whole lot more do-a-bell. Meow.

Selma Blair was great as the seething girlfriend/fiancé' determined to ruin Elle's scholastic reputation as well as her credibility as a semi-intelligent being. Her character fails of course, because Elle's got that rubber-tree plant and the ant mentally. That or a great dosage of Prozac keeping her days perpetually sunny!

If you're in the mood for a silly, mindless giggle-girl fest go take a look. Your male companions (and clamdiggin' chicks) may enjoy this too. There are plenty of attractive ditzy blondes, brunettes and mini-waisted scantly dressed college gals to keep them from exiting pre-credits!

Snack Recommendation: Evian and diet pills


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