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Boat Trip

Starring: Cuba Gooding Jr, Horatio Sanz, Rosalyn Sanchez, Vivica A. Fox and Lyn Shaye.
Directed by: Mort Nathan
Rated: R

Boat Trip is treasure chest of side-splitting funnies! Cuba Gooding Jr and Horatio Sanz take to the highs seas and deliver waves of laughter! Ahoy maties thar's laughter in them thar frames….okay I will stop with the cheesy puns but Boat Trip is at times genuinely hilarious.

The story is very seen-that- been-there and that's the film's only real flaw. The plain old Comedy 101 DNA that runs through it. But you know sometimes humor is best served slapstick and wacky - and this is oozing with burst out funny scenes. And of course it helps that talented Cuba is paired with a comic pro like Sanchez and that the cast is dolloped with Second City Alumni, Victoria Secret models and a few out-of-character sorts...

Story goes Jerry (Cuba Gooding Jr) has been dumped by, "The devil in a D cup (Vivica A Fox)." After about six months of moping around with his heart sautéed in garlic butter and coarse sea salt, his buddy Nick (Horatio Sanz) has had enough.

Nick has discovered the Mecca of single women is situated on the Lido deck of any swanky cruise ship. So he convinces Jerry to go along for a week of rest and frolicking among the bikinis. So far so sane.

While booking the cruise there's a small mishap in the form of a vicious travel agent (Will Farrell). As a cruel revenge the agent books the two heterosexual gal seeking missiles on a specialty all gay male sailing.

Naturally they do not realize they have booked passage on a boyz barge of plum smuggling bikini wear....until it's too late and they can not disembark.

Jerry is not taking the gay cruise news too well and in a drunken stupor falls - bashing his head enroute- into the pool. He is rescued by the ship's dance instructor a very straight Gabriela (Rosalyn Sanchez). Jerry is instantly smitten. …

As it is an all male revue aboard the ship, Gabriela who's a tad bitter in the man department, assumes Jerry's just another gay passenger and the masquerade begins. The movie delves into all the stereotypes expected - just short of insulting - and very very funny. And it is always amazing what we women share with our gay boyfriends. Hehe, ladies can be blunter than men ... Cuba and Rosalyn explore this area with hilarious results.

Boat Trip is really just an old-fashioned love story that through a series of out-there mishaps Jerry and Nick learn about love, acceptance and plain old letting loose and enjoying themselves.

Cuba Gooding Jr. is a delectable slice of grade A manmeat and here with the multiple short shorts and bikini brief shots it's just a visually pleasing manfest extravaganza. Yummy! Cuba gets to show his comedic timing and he and Horatio are a pretty good team.

Rosalyn Sanchez is just beautiful. She has a good career ahead of her; she's likeable, gorgeous and talented. A perfect chickbabe Combo.

Vivica A Fox shows up as Jerry ex-gal pal causing all the drama. Her part is small but excellent.

And a special note on Lyn Shaye who plays a borderline psychotic coach of the Swedish sun tanning team (don't even ask…). Her scenes almost caused uncontrollable hysteria and loss of motor function they were so funny. Bravo!

There are a few oddly cut moments, and that formula script, but the all out knee slapping guffaws were just too grand to whine about silly things like that. The film is not offensive to any groups and it's all done in great fun. Heck your homophobic friends may just lighten up after this one. Enjoy!

Blunt Aside: Parents beware this is a rated R film- I warn you there are certain teachings involving a banana and a Latin lovely that kids may just catch on to.

Snack Recommendation: A banana


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