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Ah, picture it... a movie with Ben Affleck, and Giovanni Ribisi. I melted into my seat and waited like some psycho who gets off on celluloid stimulation. And who's this Thomas Everret (Massachusetts) Scott boy? He looks like Chazz Palmeteri and Paul McCartney had a child-cute as a mini baked Brie at the pub. Just let me vent my affections for Affleck…I would freaking Breed with this smoking stack of man flesh! They had way too few scenes with him for my liking though-cameos shameos 'may I have a little more please sir?' But when he was on screen he was electrifying. They had a light on him that kinda made him look demonic-and I'd still do 'im.

Let's talk teeny-tiny schnookie woo, Giovanni Ribisi. Wouldn't he be great in like a Mod Vampire Squad? He's got that tortured-soul-unkept-little-sleep-last night-coker look about him. Yummy!

P.S., I was the ONLY girl in the theater. Calling this a boys flick would be an understatement. I haven't been around this many men since Fight Club. Speaking of Fight Club (which I have on preorder-I love so much) I thought immediately Boiler Room and FC should have switched lead actors. Edward Norton as Seth the 'bad boy' of Wall Street and Giovanni as Jack the sad little soap maker with a small identity problem. I'm not saying Giovanni wasn't good- he was- he just looked spaced a lot-you know-nothing behind the retina? Dumb…okay. For as smart as his character was supposed to be he had a little of a Scooby Do look.

Boiler Room's story is very interesting. Being a super intelligent chick babe I get the stock lingo that flies around-you may be a little lost. Basically all you need to know is Seth (Giovanni 'anemia eyes' Ribisi) playsfore mentioned Seth who hopes to win back his father love by going kinda legit. He presently runs a small illegal speakeasy/casino/hang out in QueensNY and daddy AKA the big time NYC judge is terrified Seth's lifestyle will end his career. So, to appease his pop, Seth trains and passes his series 7 brokers license and is selling 'stocks' to people affectionately called Whales; as in they have got more than a proverbial fish on the line, this fukkers a whale full of expendable cash. Which he and his crew of tidy young men easily extrude from their victims, er, clients.

Okay, Seth is a new broker, he's bought a new sharp black suit or two,the boy is even getting a little chocolate love dive from his secretary Debbie (Nia 'beautiful chick babe' Long), so now what's bothering dear Seth? Ah, yes that pesky conscience thingamaboby thing. Chronic loser boy is now out of illegal gambling and into illegal trading. He's working at a super charged fast paced money cash cow of a mega-profit reeling genuine 100% boiler room…he thinks (he knows) he may be robbing people. Idiot.

Check it out but boys, leave the girly girls at home. There's not enough Ben to keep them happy. Wait for date night to see Reindeer Games. It opens soon and he'll be all over that one,and it's asuspense action story so you'll both enjoy.

The end is abrupt and leaves you kind of hanging. Yet, over all BR's still a fast intelligent albiet odd flick.

Snack Recommendation: Filet-o-Fish sandwich

Starring: Giovanni Ribisi, Nia Long ,Vin Diesel(who looks like he's storing nuts) Ron Rifkin, Ben Affleck, Tom Everett Scott, Caan Jamie, Nicky Katt, and Taylor Nichols.

Directed and written by: Ben Younger.



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