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The Bourne Identity

Starring: Matt Damon, Chris Cooper, Franka Potente, Brain Cox and Julia Stiles.
Directed by: Doug Liman (directed Swingers)
Rated: PG-13


The Bourne Identity is an amazing intelligent knock-you-off-your-seat thriller! Wow! Matt Damon is impeccable as the confused yet deadly Jason Bourne. The script is flawless and riveting. It feels nice to use those words in one sentence when discribing an action film!

The Bourne Identity will have Robert Ludlum fans giddy with its infalible detail and streamline congruency. No short cuts here like with that piece of celluloid poo the Clancy Camp created in Sum Of All Fears.

Story goes…a man is found floating, half dead, in the sea off Marseille. Some heroic fishermen scoop him out and save him. He has a bad case of "who-the-fu**- am I." Al the poor guy's got to go on is two nasty bullet holes in his manly buff back, and a multi-digit number for some Swiss bank account sewn into his hip. This is no frat boy who got drunk and fell of the catamaran folks.

The mansteak-with-no-name exits stage left and heads to Switzerland to discover his identity.

When he opens the case within the bank's vault more mystery and intrigue awaits him. He finds an American passport with the name Jason Bourne (Matt - apparently my friend Ben doesn't know how to read scripts, poor schmuck- Damon) complete with a nifty official passport photo. Relief at last; he's Jason.

Not so fast their Beantown Boy! There's a whole heap of other things to sort through in this Pandora's Box of Doom. There's heaps of money, eye lenses, ominous spy-like materials, oh and a gun.....

As he leaves the bank and heads to the consulate he notices a couple of police that seem to be following him. With cat like reflexes he springs into action. He bounces around, fights, escapes and all like some sort of professional spy or something.

He's assisted by a wild and beautiful Swiss gal, Marie (Franka Potente), whom he pays to drive him to France. France it seems is where this "Jason" fellow holds an apartment.

Who is this Bourne fellow? If that is indeed his real name. Why is the government after him? Who shot him? What's this fast talkin' exiled leader, Nykwana Wombosi (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje ) got to do with this mess? And why does Jason know how to fight like a Green Beret?

EXCITING Huh? Sure is!

Matt Damon's a talented Mr. Ripley! He did an excellent job as, Jason Bourne, a guy who doesn't know who he is but he's gonna stay cool and get to the bottom of it somehow. Matt also seems to be extremely buff in this….I mean carved like an Adonis of pristine proportions. He had my eyebrow erect with attention as he —- often —- disclothed. Good boy.

Franka Potente was completely believable as, Marie, the damsel not in distress but along for the ride. Keep your eyes out for this young and capable actress.

Chris Cooper, a wonderful and diverse actor, plays a lead here as Bourne's possible link to his past. What a piece of work his character, Ted Conklin, is. Ted's mean, sneaky and ruthless. Natch, he's in our government.

Clive Owen, who is pure uncut man heroin, makes a small visit upon the screen as a man who's also looking for Jason Bourne. Though his character was the weakest of the story, he was a necessary one to "move" the story along. Hey, I'm not complaining! Owen is simply scrumptious in a double banana split with extra hot fudge drizzled atop way. Slurp! He's just evil sexy.

Julia Stiles has a surprisingly small role as an operative in a safe house. Bravo to her for taking the role, she shines in it.

Brian Cox, who plays Ward Abott another fella concerned about Jason's where abouts, had only a few scenes but they were powerful. Watching he and Cooper together was a thrill.

It's not often that one is unable to pick apart a script…there's always a bad reference there, continuity mess up here. The Bourne Identity , however, it seems they took a few minutes and perused the script, went through it with a fine-toothed comb. Seamless and suspenseful…you know like this genre is supposed to be!

The director, Doug Liman, really captured the energy of the characters and placed us on a visual Mr. Toad's Wild Ride quite a few times! I can not remember the last time I jumped from the suspense!

The film also took some actors you expect to see in leads, or at least with a heck more to do, and gave them smaller even close to 'bit' parts. This confused you and threw you off track when they were not, as expected, showing up later on in more pivotal positions. Brilliant! Get out and see this one folks it is incredible. Enjoy!

Snack Recommendation: Power bars and Red Bull (in moderation please)


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