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Written by: Steve Martin
Directed by: Frank Oz
Starring: Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Chritina Baranski, Heather Graham

Steve Martin still has it! Yippeee! One of my favorites didn't sell out-you know like that puke Woody Allen "Mr. I Am Too Cool For Myself" who seems to think - 'why, even if I fart they'd laugh.'

OK, enough babble--back to Bowfinger. Martin wrote this wonderfully funny romp around the 'wood. Hollywood, that is. Swimmin' pools, movie stars. He attacks--ever so slightly the inner workings of the whole Hollywood crap shoot.

Story goes, Bobby Bowfinger (Steve Martin) is a washed up director/actor, trying to have at least one "hit" before he turns 50--the kiss of death in Hollywood (for women the kiss is at 23). You get a gist of Bowfinger's past achievements (?) by the hysterical movie posters, starring him of course, or directed by him (gems like "The Yugo Story") all around his comfy, seedy other-side-of-the-road-from-Spago's house-complete with a handpainted Bowfinger Production sign nailed precariously above his front door. A class act. He reads a script by his accountant, Afrim (Adam Alexi Malle) and is smitten with producing it. It is called "Chubby Rain". So Martin! Just a brilliant  parody of the ridiculousness of what some real people in Hollywood consider "do-able".

Chubby Rain is the complicated story (not!) of rain that falls from the sky; but it's not our normal acid, chemically laden, polluted rain--it's aliens. Sure, that'll sell. Genius! Bowfinger doesn't have much production money behind him--a whopping two thousand dollars or so-but that doesn't stop him. He wants a big star for his big movie.

Enter ego maniac and top Hollywood "Action Star du Jour" Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy). He is of the Vandammeschwartzeneggerstallone breed. He is also an extreme paranoid and belongs to Mind Head, the flavor of the week Dianetics style group--to keep it together. Bowfinger must have him for Chubby Rain. Of course, Kit refuses. Now Bowfinger has a real dilemma. No problem-- find a lookalike! He does. A semi--retarded over enthusiastic spastic named Jiff. Jiff (also Eddie Murphy) when cleaned up is a near spitting image of Kit. They are back on schedule. This low budget oops--sorry- Indie, will star Kit anyway-Kit just won't know it. Huh? You'll see. (By the way, Eddie Murphy is just a  talenté supremo in his dual role. I always admired Murphy's vim and vigor both in films and his earlier standup, but he really gleams in this!

Great premise, great movie! The crew and cast Bowfinger pieces together is perfect. All the actors are great. No complaints. Daisy (Heather Graham) is a naive young girl who's just arrived off the bus-literally-and has figured out a quick way to the top. Carol (a brilliant Christine Baranski) is an over acting lovable ner'-do-well. Then there's Dave (Jamie Kennedy) with whom Chubby Rain could never have been made-literally. He "borrows" most of the necessary movie items-right down to moguls' autos, to assist Bowfinger's production-so he can be a cameraman-instead of a studio errand boy. Go see this jam-packed fun-filled flick and do it now!

Snack recommendation:
The latest Hollywood "in cuisine" --perhaps bottled water or an In-n-Out w/fries?




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