Age: Ferty six
Education: My daddy bought me a degree from Yail
Occupation: Presidente of the USA
Income: Plenty and tax free two.
Body Type: Presidentail
I Like To...Get wasted, blast the Oakridge Boys a bit and hover over the "red" just makes me laughe. I'm just goshing you.I have a grate sense of humor.
Favorite Music: Middle Eastern Club Techno
Favorite Food: Powdered donut without the donut.
Favorite Expression: "Butterfly Ballots Rule!"
What I Am Looking for...An old electable white guy that's not really old, bald with a haart condition. I don't think Dick is gonna las to much longer, and I need some real help here people.
Call Me: In college they called me "the nose that knows" but, Mr. President will do.

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