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Starring: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, Clifton Collins Jr., Bruce Greenwood, Mark Pellegrino, and Chris Cooper,
Directed by: Bennett Miller

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Bluntly speaking? Capote is another full-house flush hand performance by Philip Seymour Hoffman. Really, what can't this guy do? The film moves a tad slow; like cold maple syrup from a chilled spike. But, it is forgiven it's grandiose detail, as it is completely apropos of its literary subject, Mr. Truman Capote.

Story goes…it's 1959. A family has been found murdered, in cold blood, in rural America. It's one those hard-to-fathom execution-style slaughters that includes tucked in children (shudder).

Back in the city that puts the Gotham into urban dwelling, Truman Capote (PSH) is entertaining his gaggle of highbrows with one of his signature tales at some swanky soiree. He's the toast of the intelligenté and a charming and witty, if acidic, guest.

Post party, Truman finds an article in the morning news about the killings hundreds of miles away. He calls his editor and skadattles off, with his friend/assistant soon-to-be-legendary auther Nelle Harper Lee (Catherine Keener) to Podunk America. This "city boy" senses a story in the fields of wheat.

Capote will waltz into a land unfamiliar to his adult self, blatant in his Joe Cairoesqueisms. But, in truth, this small town is a place a smidge too familiar to, and from, his own dark childhood.

He'll research the killings and gain remarkable access to the murderers (Clifton Collins Jr. and Mark Pellegrino). Through his anything-for-a-story and burrowing charm, Truman befriends killer Perry Smith (Collins Jr.).
The quazi-friendship, horrific event, and the years of research that follow, will produce one of Capote's most incredible works - and some say, change the way non-fiction is told, ' In Cold Blood.'

The real Truman Capote was an odd man in many ways; flamboyant, proud, egotistical, blunt. This is true. But, he was also true talent - his small drool voiced frame oozed the stuff like velvetta at an Alabama hodown. Few actors could have pulled this off without stepping into Saturday Night Live Land. But, the impeccable Philip Seymour Hoffman, himself a rare talent of our time, disappears into this cover of Capote. It's not just an impersonation; Capote had umpteen idiosyncrasies ala Bogie one could hook into and mimic for the amusement of friends swilling swell cocktails. Hoffman's work, his personal production of the legendary elfin writer, is delicately projected from the inside out. The cast surrounding "Capote," is pristine, but Hoffman steals every frame he twinkles through.

The film does seem long in truth, but you forgive its length, because the over-all feel is just incredible - the story unique, yet true. And the musical punctuation by Mychael Danna helps the tone of the film and Mr. Hoffman's latest "creation," subtly beautifully, hauntingly unfold. Enjoy

Snack recommendation: Martinis with garlic stuffed olives, pinky most certainly erected.

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