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Get Carter

Welcome back Carter. That is , Mr.Stallone. Weird how tall and beef stroganoff he looks in this. I mean isn't he like Joe Pesci's height? No? I could be wrong. Height myth aside, Stallone is excellent.

We also get a perfect performance by an actor who graduated summa cum laude from the Gary Busey Hollywood Has Been Actor's Academy, Mr. Mickey Rourke. Now, here's a guy who was so handsome at one time, I would have sold my lilly white soul for a mere four hours and a bottle of Jack alone with the man- if you get my drift. Of course, that was the 80's- a looonnnggg time ago. (left photo vs.right photo) Now he looks a tad rough- and demon possessed -not at all like the type you want to go 9 1/2 week old kitten on. If Gladiator Stud, aka Russell Crowe, isn't careful this could be the ghost of Christmas future...shudder. I'd feel bad For Mick, but evidently he's a colossal over stuffed donut head in "real" life so no hankies for the goon, huh? He may be Halloween Frightnight ugly- but he can still act, and well.

Get Carter's story goes... Jack (Sylvester "Yo" Stallone) Carter's brother has recently parted ways with life. Jack suspects the lad has been iced, 86'd, taken out, he's an ex-parrot, see. Carter's not too happy- being as it was his brother and all. Carter also happens to be a mob enforcer. So, I think you can see where this is going. Revenge pure and just.

Cyrus (Mickey "I'll punch your fokkin lights out" Rourke) Paice is a slithering algae eater who's mixed up in everything Jack's looking into. Not good.

There's also a billionaire pervert ( a Bill Gates sort...billionaire that is) tangled in and an angst ridden teenage niece. All this equals one hell of a movie.

Get Carter's not simple. It's got many elements of a classic Film Noir, along with some refreshing talent mixing up the script. Bad boys and deep secrets are everywhere. Jack's on a killer's track, he's relentless, wearing a bad suit and considered a tad edgy.

Doreen, Carter's niece played by Leigh Cook, looks like a baby here but don't let that dismiss her adult acting and presence. Miranda Richardson (Crying Game etc.) who plays Carter's widowed sister in-law doesn't have too many scenes, but delivers per usual.

The movie's done well, interesting and a nice side of Stallone - he speaks and everything! You even get to see Rocky, er, Stallone make with the fisticuffs a bit with Rourke- who as I mentioned before lost his looks but in the dim light his body is still a side of pure100% man meat- maybe with a bag over his head...

Snack Recommendation: Ovaltine

Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Miranda Richardson, Leigh Cook, Mickey Rourke, and Michael Caine

Directed by: Stephen

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