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Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule; Seasons 1&2
Starring: John C. Riley

Directed by: Tim Heidecker (12 episodes, 2010-2012)
Eric Wareheim (12 episodes, 2010-2012)
Jonathan Krisel (6 episodes, 2010)

BUY IT NOW: Check It Out: Season 1 & 2


I could literally just do the ol’ one-word review: Hilarious! But, that would not be giving Reilly (and crew) his due.
I personally laughed so hard as the first short started I spit-taked! And the funny never ended.

Dr. Steve Brule (John C. Reilly) is a Dr. (perhaps) that runs his own chat and focus show at 430a.m on a local station. The show is in modern times, but the set up is as if they’ve found old VHS copies of an show long gone; Think SCTV in the 1980s and a character will start to shape. And Dr. Brule is well-rounded and character is never broken.

The good doc., shares a subject per show with us on things he is momentarily interested in and advises enthusiastically that we should “Check it Out.” He’s got his own point of view on everything, and vacillates between that weird guy with a windowless van I.D Channel Detectives will soon spotlight, to a strange innocent man-boy with body image issues; some he is acutely aware of, others, designed to make the viewer uneasy in his bliss.

Brilliantly, there are a few “local commercials” to help support the show and old weather and film reviews graciously offered to inform the unknown community in which this show airs.

If you like John C. Reilly, and like me, have been lured to a couple so-so films (maybe Farrell + Reilly = cancelled out comedic genius?), trust in him again. If you are old enough to remember SCTV and that troupes’ uncanny creation of a television network and its “stars,” order this DVD with overnight service.

I will say, I found the two seasons here, are best viewed one or two (they are short) at a time for thier full laugh-until-you-pass-out effect. Otherwise, Dr. Brule may start to grate – and he shouldn’t. He should be enjoyed like a fine boddle of wine. Not misspelled for those who know the character.

BUY IT NOW: Check It Out: Season 1 & 2


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