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Notorious C.H.O.

Starring: Margaret Cho
Directed by: Lorene Machado
Rated: R


Margaret Cho is back baby! Her fans are loyal and many….I happen to be among them. Just be fore warned Cho's not some stereotype the media has planted in your head. You know where all Asians are into kung-fu and speak soft as a morning dove! Yep, Cho is NO delicate Asian flower who meekly serves up your table's tea - that is for sure!

Inevitably one tends to compare past work with new works and, sure, Notorious C.H.O. isn't as bitch- slapping- you- in- the- face- with- shock- till -you- faint- from- laughter- funny as I'm The One That I Want, mostly because we've been trained by the gal to expect her innocent face to contort and deliver down right nasty tid bits! And believe me N.C.H.O. has heaping portions of belly laughs and the same devilish pounds of giggles! DO NOT MISS THIS if you're a Cho-chick or plain old dig subtle (ha) raunchy humor..

Margie is very popular in the gay communities for her openness with her sexuality. Is she gay or better yet Bi? Who knows. Who cares? But anyone who has the nerve to talk about her "experiments " with the door swung open like she does is gonna get a hardy laugh. It's like talking to your wild girlfriend for a couple of hours. Sometimes the mouth hangs open but most of the time you're just amazed at the life before you.

Cho talks about getting a colonic in a trendy Los Angeles spa for the ass. She dabbles in her visit to a sex club and talks about self-esteem and eating disorders straightforwardly. On eating and self-esteem issues she steps one foot short of a soap box at some points but her earnestness keeps you from squirming like you've accidentally sat in on a self help group and missed the theater with the comedy film!

Her impression of her mom is uncanny and, as always, hysterical. Those of us that have foreign language first parents laugh a bit harder as their accents make them automatically come off as innocent and their words are 100% free-speech America. This time around her mother tells Margaret a little secret about her daddy. Too friggin' funny!

She also talks about her drag queen guardian angels that look down on her and keep her from wearing the wrong ensemble and keep her believing in herself.

See Cho is Asian American and female! She's not supposed to be a comedian! Or least a successful comedian! She has done a lot for people's perceptions of the standard-Sheckie-Green-catskill- wacka-wacka- did -you-hear-the-one- boy's- club of the comedy circuit. Proving to club owners, and for that matter the public, women can and are very very funny… book them! She's also changing the perception of the slight and soft spoken Asian girl who never says a peep. HAH! Take your multilevel bigot friends to this and let 'er rip!

Notorious C.H.O. is for old fans to have a fresh laugh and for new fans to discover Margaret Cho being fresh. Either way it's less expensive than a comedy club and every seat is great! Enjoy!

Snack recommendation: Korean food. Skip the Kimchee though it tastes like ass!

Speaking of ass- get to the 'ASS MASTER' herself's site here


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