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Clay Pigeons

Interview w/Vince Vaughn
Directed by:
David Dobkin
Starring:  Joaquin Phoenix , Georgina Cates, Vince Vaughn, Janeane Garofalo, Gregory Sporleder, Scott Wilson, and Vince Vieluf

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Bluntly Speaking? Clay Pigeons is an intensely creepy, slower, film with some great actors doing some rich characters. CP is an indie film with all the little hot buttons, and key phrases movie buffs love to throw around like "character driven," "intriguing cinematography" and an "ensemble cast" that'll make your eyes stare without a need to blink. Plus, there's a big old heaping helpin' of oddball.

Story goes ...Clay Bidwell's (Joaquin Phoenix) out shooting bottles with his best buddy when things get a tad bizarre. Their Sunday ends with Clay learning a thing or two about friendships, big mouthed vixens with pure evil in their hearts, and his education on the a to z's of planning a perfect cover-up. By sundown, his best friend is dead and Clay may be the prime suspect unless he plays it cool.

He figures things can't get much worse than that afternoon. Never say that, or even thunk it. Now his best friend's new widow, Amanda (Georgina Cates), decides she done like her this Clay fellow and is none too keen on his running around with another gal.....She even makes a sultry attempt at corralling the young buck at the local watering hole and he causes a bit of a scene by declining her feminine offerings via a strong back hand across her lily white face.

She storms out and he's thinkin' the night's sinking into the pig slop when a tall cowboy with a silly grin and a knack for charmin' the pants off folks asks him to share his pool table.

His new pool hall friend's a looker named Lester Long ( Vince—cowboy clothes do this man good girls— Vaughn). Ol' Lester shares some common interests with the boys; backlake fishin', chick killin', and long neck beers. Poor Clay all he wants is his life back, but Lester's hell bent on havin' some serial killer fun with the locals.

Lester's works are not unnoticed by the FBI and they're closing in. Agent Shelby (Janeane Garofalo), who's followed the killing to Clay's hometown, has noticed a particular pattern the killer has with his smokes that ultimately will prove to be his undoing.....maybe.

The performances are simply wonderful. Joaquin Phoenix is complete perfection as always. Love this guy. Janeane Garofalo is about five foot tall, and every inch is filled with natural talent. Then there's Mr. Vaughn. Mmmmm, is that one man God's made right. I'm going to have to use the "p" word — patience— whilst I wait for this to come to dvd! Oh, yeah there's a scene between Vincent and Georgina Cates that'll have your eyebrow straight up and erect with attention. Trust me.....and excuse me I have to take another ice shower...Okay, primal desires aside this fellow Vin's got real talent. He's super eerie and exact as Lester the twinkling maniac. Can't wait to see how his career shapes up.

Get out and see this. It's going to be harder to find, but it'll be worth it. I've picked up the soundtrack as well, it's great for a long drive down a dark country road...

Snack Recommendation: Johnny Walker Black and Cherry Pie

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