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The Constant GardenerThe Constant Gardener

Starring: Rachel Weisz, Ralph Fiennes, Danny Huston, and Pete Postelwaite
Directed by: Fernando Meirelles
Written by:John Le Carré (novel)
Jeffrey Caine (screenplay)



Bluntly speaking? The Constant Gardener is a grandious - blunt - show that reveals the magic of film and its power to inform while entertaining. Tis sly as a fox. The film, as a whole, is by far one of the finest politically explosive thrillers made. Part docudrama-esque and part fictional melodrama, The Constant Gardener is a multi-layered emotional journey through a nightmare scape dotted with extreme talents escorting us through the whole sordid too-close-to-real tale.

Story goes...A rather dull, if gorgeous, British diplomat Justin (Ralph Fiennes), meets a lively and beautiful upstart sort, Tessa (Rachel Weisz). Though very different in their approaches to world issues, they begin a love affair, which results in marriage and a baby-on-the-way.

All rather standard fare far...

But, as thrillers would have it (and the cast and crew surrounding the work would hint...), the lack of trust and communication, within this smile-filled union is going to get rather dramatic. Not giving away the plot (at all) young Tessa is brutally murdered and may have been a less-than-faithful wife...

But her semi-blank beau actually stops, awakens and decides the stories of his beloved's infidelities, and her coincidental death, don't ad up to a hearty porridge of goo.

Justin starts to think he may be onto something big. Something deep and sinister.

En route to vicious truths, along the trail of cover ups, double faced friends and shadows, he finds himself in the woman he lost.

The deceptions and twists unfold deliciously, and the more political points seem to have a small thread of truth (like a winter wool yarn) stitched into the fabric of the script's fictional accounts...

The Constant Gardener is wildly entertaining, enthralling and simply a must see. Sure, it's based on the best-selling John le Carré novel, but it stays true to the book's soul. Of course being directed by mega-talent Fernando Meirelles helped a wee bit.

Rachel Weisz has been in my sites as a, "Folks watch this power force rise" since Confidence - yes she's also in The Mummy films, but I speak about the gal's acting chops. She's also cute-n-beautiful - even in khaki wears - damn her.

Ralph Fiennes....Ralph is like a heaping helping of manly berry torta rustica; layered talent, bubbling with rich forbidden nummy bits. Within the film you watch his character morph from dullard to a super-clever take-charge chap. It's one of his finest performances - and that's saying something. The duo may get nods next spring - they are just that good.

Also of take-note-of-the-talent-in-there is Danny Huston who plays a chap named Sandy. He is let's just say, "a tad" creepy in the role. You'll see. He's from the gaggle of Huston's (John, Angelica and so forth) that deliver film to us, and is eking in to the mainstream.

Snack recommendation: Tums and perhaps something sickeningly sweet to help spread happy endorphins into the nervous system...




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