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An Emily Blunt Review
Starring: Ralph Fiennes, Gerard Butler, Vanessa Redgrave, Brian Cox and Jessica Chastain
Directed by: Ralph Fiennes

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Bluntly speaking? The gals have Romeo and Juliet, Coriolanus is really a guy’s thing. Especially here. Director, and star, Ralph Fiennes has updated the tale of power-lust, revenge, and redemption quite well. Each of the film’s cast members speaks in William Shakespeare’s words (for the most part), and the story unfolds as set in today’s times.

Story goes…Caius Martius (aka Coriolanus aka Ralph – you had me at Wuthering Heights - Fiennes) is waging war ala Napoleon in the name of Rome. But, the people of Rome don’t see it that way. They are starving and the grain factories are closed to them. They form an alliance against poor Caius and they hit the streets in riot form.

Confused by their petty uproar, and mentally being a killing forward machine, Caius does not know what to do off the battle field. He is also filled with a big old heapin’ helping of self worth, contempt for the common folk and a bit of a mommy’s boy beneath his gritty growl.

When his people bring him to court (here a big TV show), where a few kind – perhaps humble - words would have eased the people’s outrage, poor Caius snaps and goes medieval (verbally) at the less-than-neutral meeting.

He is banished.

Wandering about the countryside, he eventually meets up with is arch nemesis Tullus Aufidius (Gerard – you had me at 300 - Butler). The two war-loving boys, now both wanting Rome to be theirs, though for different reasons, form a military force to over take Rome and crush the people within.

Ah, but, fair maidens (or clever mothers and wispy wives) stand before the new BFFs and ask that they forgive Rome and make peace…Will though fairest (and manipulating) ladies crack that rough outer shell of blood encrusted revenge-fueled hate Caius wears like perfectly fitted Armani?

For those who know the play – you know. For those who love Shakespeare (if indeed that is the real scribe…ahem), you’ll thank Mr. Fiennes for bringing forth what one reviewer remarked (and I paraphrase) as The Bard’s Rambo. Gals, even though Gerard Butler has been cast within the work, this is far from a chick flick. Guns and bullets a blaze, blood and dirt commingle in the streets. Hell, you can almost smell the blood congealing!

The acting is remarkable, and after about ten minutes you fall in with the lingo. Not a huge fan of this play, I did drift to facial features and jaw lines a few times to keep involved…but hey, they were there and so was all that superb acting to keep you glued.

Snack recommendation: Tums; this is a blood bath. Though, suck them as you’ll need to listen close to the language being volleyed about.

The DVD has commentary w/ Fiennes
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