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Starring: Jeremy Davies, Angela Lindval, Gerard Depardieu, Billy Zane, Giancarlo Giannini, Dean Stockwell, and Jason Schwartzman
Directed by: Roman Coppola
Rated: R

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Bluntly speaking? Roman Coppola's first written and directed feature under the American Zoetrope (father Francis Ford's Company) umbrella is a fantastic journey!

Set in Paris 1969 we are taken on a trip of discovery with aspiring filmmaker Paul (Jeremy Davies). He works as an editor for an ultra-B Italian run film studio. The studio's filled with stereotypical characters of the those highly volatile studio/artistic types. Paul is calm, almost monotone, in this sea of high crested flare.

When the director on set of the studio's latest sexy spy sci-fi Dragonfly, Andrzej (one of my faves- robust legend Gerard Depardieu), is fired by the fire tempered producer (played by brilliant Giancarlo Giannini) because of his crazy vision for an artsy nonzinger flat line ending, quiet Paul gets his chance to finally direct!

Paul's ready steady and rearing to go! He's been "directing" his own homemade "completely honest" self-portrait at home with his less than enthusiastic gal pal Marlene ( Elodie Bouchez) as the co-star. Which of course is high cinema verité and simply hysterical in its hypocrisy. Honest indeed.

Paul knows his project Dragonfly is not exactly a film that will be an award winner but its his chance to design and form a film with a semi-budget a real crew and cast that don't mind the camera being there.

Dragonfly, is a beautifully campy Barberella send up. It's a mock-Barbarella Spaghetti Sci-fi based on sexret agent Dragonfly (super feline Angela Lindval). Dragonfly is the codename for the agent who bills herself as, " expensive but gets the job done! " Hahahha. You can almost hear the porn music queuing.

So D. is hired by "headquarters" to infiltrate the dark side of the moon where the evil revolutionist sexy bad -boy known as Mr. E. (sexy bad-boy Billy Zane) and his rogue band of revolutionaries are harboring a mysterious ray gun of doom!

Of course Dragonfly and Mr. E. immediately lustfully copulate, it is a male fantasy film after all, and she escapes back to her space pod with the diabolical the ray gun for H.Q….

Meanwhile outside of the set Paul's life starts to meld with Dragonfly's in more ways than one. He sees and experiences events that make him question where reality begins and the script emerges. He's a cerebral kind of guy and his noggin may be slipping into strawberry fields forever.

Does the whole thing sound nuts yet? It is. A delicious can of mixed toffee coated nuts!

What makes this film so enjoyable is the delectable talented cast combined with a unique story, a beautiful accurate set and a perfect soundtrack.

This Jeremy Davies, who plays Paul, is an edible biscuit of crunchy coated manyum! In CQ Jer's sporting an adorable retro Beatle-like hair cut with the super cool sixties boy-band black suit and tops the look off with a geeky seductive perpetual pout. Jeremy has a Crispin Glover-lite edge. As with Crisp, Jeremy too looks as if he's on the brink of insanity from society requiring him to conform or be branded a wacko. Could be me. Davies is also one of our finest blooming acting talents so it was nice to see him really hold this film solid and steady. Bravo cutey.

Speaking of cutey...Cutey squared Billy "zoom-zoom" Zane plays sexkitten Dragonfly's (Angela Lindvall) nemesis Mr. E.

Mr. E. is really just a big ol' softer fluffier version of commie pigsvine Fidel Castro…Though Billy actually made green silk commie wear look sexy. HONEST! Zane is always a treat on film, in more ways than one. He's also an underrated talent to be sure. Heck his tiny scenes in that hideous faux pas Zoolander almost made the damn thing watchable…almost.

Super model Angela Lindvall, who plays the mysterious sex-kitten-danger-loving agent Dragonfly, will have all the women loving of our species panting like Tex Avery wolves throughout. Angie's one hot chickbabe! I mean she's so girly she makes Angelina Jolie like a hog tying manly man.

There's an appearance by Dean Stockwell that is so well done it is almost surreal. And actor Jason Schwartzman steals every scene he shares as the spoiled director Felix. Freakin' hysterical.

Apparently Roman Coppola called in some old family friends to assist on CQ. One of his best moves was getting the brilliant Production Designer Dean Tavoularis who has worked forever with Francis Ford. CQ is a time piece that needed desperately to look and feel correct to work. Tavoularis delivered perfection down to the knick knacks that hung out around the set...look closely. The soundtrack by Mellow is already on order from Amazon! It's Austin Powers squared.

I just adored this film. Anyone thinking this "kid" Roman is riding his father's curtails will be greatly mistaken. It seems he's taken his time, studied, started in music video and now has created a curious quirky film that not only works but has a bit of the family genius threaded through. CQ is positively a rare wonderful witty groovy cool shindig!

Snack Recommendation: A nice Coppola wine with cheese

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