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Cradle 2 The Grave

Starring: Jet Li, DMX, Anthony Anderson, Gabrielle Union, Kelly Hu, Mark Dacascos, and Tom Arnold
Directed: Andrzej Bartkowiak



Cradle 2 The Grave is what an action film should be; nonstop ass-kickin' adrenalin pumping mojo delivered with a pounding soundtrack!

DMX and Jet Li ripped the screen up! Believe it or not the story was even kind of interesting. Naturally it was super far fetched as all self respecting action flicks should be… but still wildly entertaining.

Story goes, Fait (DMX) and his homies are jewel thieves. They are sent in by someone, though I actually never did quite figure out who they were working for, to steal some precious rare squared black diamonds.

The problem is these are no ordinary rare stones. These puppies come with a slew of people interested in their where abouts and return - each for various reasons. Some so they can destroy the world - long story. Others so they can return them and destroy them - long story and another party just to get his kid safely home - yet another long story.

This is an action movie so face it - it aint about the story. C2TG is about action! And Jet Li whips some butt but good! The film even manages to parlay an underworld no rules cage match into the equation and he goes nuts. Li's just incredible!

DMX….um….YUM! He's just the sexiest damn fella to hit the screen in about a year…or when ever his last movie was out is all I'm sayin' Mmmm. He's like a slab of Grade A mansteak that's all tender on the inside and roasted tough on the outside with a big old side of butter sauce for dipping. Slurp-o-rama.

Relax guys this is an action flick there's babes. Kelly Hu and Gabrielle Union play the two sex kitten vixens that do everything from rob, battle, and snuggle to an all out Male Fantasy 101 down and dirty girl fight fest! See, everyone wins here.

And the same team that brought you Exit Wounds and Romeo Must Die are behind this theater of testosterone, so along with Li and DMX your going to get that delightful talent Anthony Anderson in the click. I just adore this guy! He's a hunk of genuine hysterical talent. Remember I even went so far as to recommend Kangaroo Jack because of his work. Since it's a tried and true ensemble venture they also brought back generic middle America man Tom Boswell, err, Arnold. Tommy plays his usual kinetic sleastack perfectly. And again the producers paired Arnold and Anderson for the last few frames - literally - as the credits are rolling the two do a comedy improv off each other brilliantly. And I tell you after two hours of sensory over load their five-minute Improv as the credits rolled just ended a perfect movie treat.

If you dig action films complete with a helluva blow - 'em - up - real-good scene - run to see this! If you're a script connoisseur that enjoys discovering the character and watching the craft unfold? Perhaps Spider is a better diversion dear. Believe me it's polar opposite.

Snack Recommendation: Thai food and ribs.


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