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High Crimes

Starring: Ashley Judd, Morgan Freeman, and Jim Caviezel
Directed by: Carl Franklin
Rated: PG-13


A suspenseful conspiracy flick that makes your adrenaline pump from the very first frame!

High crimes and Mr. Meanies! Gosh, after a couple hours watching High Crimes relentless entanglements you'll be scared that the military can railroad anyone they chose and all these manly men in uniform are just a helluva group of shady sons of bees!

Remember A Few Good Men? High Crimes is based on the same idea. A military court and that, wild, nearly unbelievable way in which men in uniform can manipulate the proceeding. The they make sure way "events" are directed in their favor without all those pesky civilian rights the rest of us are granted. But let me start at the beginning.

We meet the Kubiks, Claire and Tom (Ashley Judd and Jim Caviezel) as they are happily attempting to get pregnant and preparing for the holidays. Love is all around…and so is the FBI!

Seems the fed fellas believe Tom is not Tom at all but a man named Ron Chapman. This Chapman, a Lieutenant in the covert operations department, snapped, plain old went beserko a few years back in El Salvador while still in the uniform. This specialized soldier gunned down a village as they begged for their lives, then conveniently went AWOL (absent without leave).

Tom, er, Ron, just might be this murderer.

So Tom is taken into to custody and stripped of his civilian rights and being aligned for military court marshal. Meanwhile, his beautiful and powerful attorney wife, Claire, springs into action. She believes they've got the wrong man, her man.

She meets with the military attorney who'll be representing her husband; Lt. Embry (Adam Scott). This young buck has never won a case. He's a fool and the court knows it.

To Claire it is clear something akin to fowl is in the footgear. Her husband appears to be being railroaded for crimes he didn't commit. She desperately needs someone who knows how military court works, and has experience. Unlike the embryo they appointed on her husband's behalf.

Claire finds ex-Marine Charlie Grimes (Morgan Freeman). He's not well liked on the base. He's a wild man of sorts who likes to take on the big boys. He's got a rep as an alcoholic and a fool. So now she's got two fools and her husband's foot in a trap. It's not looking too good.

Claire's husband's life is at stake, and she's not giving up-no way! Together Claire and Charlie must get to the truth, even as buried and as muddled, as that seems to be.

Really what makes the movie so palatable is the great combo of Freeman and Judd directed wonderfully by Carl Franklin.

Ashley Judd is adorable. She's almost like a butch version of perkydoodle Meg Ryan. I mean Meg is down right girly-girl and doesn't look like she box a fella, while Ashley as beautiful and girly girl but she's got that 'don't mess with me or I'll castrate ya!" look. You know like she'd box and box 'im with intent to draw blood. She's a tough chickbabe-and I respect that! I like her, so sue me! I loved that silly little comedy Someone Like You and actually enjoyed her Double Jeopardy film thoroughly.

Jim Caviezel is scrumptious to visually sip in like a Pina Colada, thick with vanilla ice cream and tons of rum to tickle your taste buds! He's great as the husband accused of nasty crimes.

Morgan Freeman is a delight, as always. Even as a killer in Nurse Betty he brings an almost surreal calm to his roles. He's one of our greatest actors to be sure. a regular schmorgesborg of talent.

I am not a huge fan of Amanda Peet, who played Claire's daft sister Jackie. Sure enough, yet again, her role seemed completely dispensable…but she seemed a bit more refined in her delivery so I'll be nice…

The ruling? High Crimes is pretty good…it just has a few loops that they telegraph to us in between the good stuff and a really retahded ending that made you feel suddenly the screen writer from Domestic Disturbance got his hands on the script. But it's good Hollywood suspense thriller film making even with the small errors left in between the great performances.

Get out and give it a peek. Ashley and Morgan make a great screen team and frankly I can think of plenty of worse ways to spend your hours than watching this new stud-on-the-scene Jim Caviezel volley with his emotions!

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