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Starring: Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames, Thandie Newton and Dougray Scott
Directed by: John Woo


Your mission Mr. Cruise, should you accept it? Make a trillion dollars more for a guaranteed summer smash.

Yep, Tom "What I lack in height I make up for in millions, babee" Cruise is back as Ethan Hawke, er I mean Ethan Hunt.

Ethan has got to track down evil-ex-IMF-gone- mad/bad agent Sean Ambrose (Dougray "Don't stare at my eyes, it's an affliction you bastards" Scott). P.S. this evil come lately creep Ambrose also snagged a mass destructo biological nightmare on his way out. His evil plan is to kind of Dupont himself with a guaranteed corner of the antidote market-thusly getting rich, and semi ruling the world. Opps-a-daisie- wouldn't want the mad man commencing with his diabolical deviltry would we? Can't you just hear the catching theme song about now?

Here a deception, there a deception. Well, it is a spy movie and MI:-2 has more luscious layers than a German chocolate cake. The special effects will have you awestruck. It's very Matrix. And yes, Cruise in all his manly (albeit smaller) man presence does his own stunts. I really find that so hard to believe. This guy took a total ass whooping then, I'll tell you. Yes siree Bob.

Tom Cruise gets better looking each day he walks this Earth. Man. I would love to slather him all over with low fat fudge sauce from Balducci's and work my way around... slowly. Of course with those fab teeth and sharp eyes who can resist him. Excuse me I must rinse.

Relax (straight) boys, they haven't forgotten to titillate y'all. MI:-2's reigning chickbabe, one Nyah Hall. She oozes sex and naughty international bad girl looks of pure platinum with a body made of fairy dust. She's fresh out of the oven hot boyz. She slept with both Hunt and Ambrose! She's so lucky. I really got to hit the gym.

MI:-2 is a spy movie. Don't expect a Camelot plot or even USA original movie depth. You'll probably figure who's on who's side and who's incahoots with whom, within an hour.But hey, they blow up things real good and Cruise can cruise into my garage any old day!

Snack Recommendation: No snacking we are in training.



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