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Starring: Andie MacDowell, Imelda Stauton, Anna Chancellor and Kenny Doughty
Directed by: Scot John McKay
Rated: R


Crush is about close friends, drinkies, love, ciggies, lust, inhibitions, ciggies, letches, trust, and more drinkies that charms you and draws you in from the very first frame.

Crush is a rare charming film that will be part of the "girl's night" collection in my house as soon as it goes to dvd! Oh, I hate to say this is a chick flick, because I hate to be sexiest, but it truly is. And it's a damned good one at that. Oddly, the film, a comedy drama about girlfriends, is written and directed by Scot John McKay, who is most definitely a man.

Be warned you'll run the gamut of emotions as you visit with his delightfully refreshing characters, Kate, Janine and Molly.

Molly (Anna Chancellor), who's been divorced more than once but less than five, is the strong willed blunt chick with a tad of bitterness towards the opposite sex… Molly is the small click's leader of sorts. She's British with bulldog tendencies.

Friend Janine (Imelda Staunton) is a police inspector and single mom gloriously determined there's hope for an interesting partner… Janine's a tough little character who doesn't mind a quick go at a social event after a few drinks. She's also decidedly British.

And then there's Kate (Andie MacDowell) the "quiet" American one. She's a headmistress at a local school who stays prim and proper for her peers. She's very concerned about others opinions of her. She's more like the British stereotype of stiff-upper-lip then her British pals. Kate's feeling her hormonal clock clanging inside and has those baby blues in vibrant shades of cobalt…

They are three close friends on the other side of forty. Each week the gals get together for a friendly ritual of strong drinks, verbal orations about their latest manstories and general womanly gossiping. They also give a prize for whomever's encounter with a beau-de-jour is the most pathetic. The winner receives the coveted the title of , "loser of the week" or "Saddest F***er Club Member."

The prize is a delicious high calorie treat to trough down guilt free for all the suffering with her glass-o-gin and ciggies. The sinful treat is also a tangible therapy of sorts; if you're that hard up what's it going to matter if your thighs expand a wee bit…who'd really notice?

The three make various attempts at meeting and keeping mates. Plodding along wholehearted in the eternal search for eligible men and that mysterious myth of romance.

However, this special friendship they share is about to be tested as Kate embarks on a "thing" with her ex-student, Jed (Kenny Doughty) who's now quite handsome and viral.

The lad is a musician, a church organ player (how apropos no?) and happens to have that patented British smirk a girl could find her self-being a heaping helping of good old fashioned bad for-if you get my blatant sexual drift.

Jed also happens to be tons of years younger than Kate. He's racing toward twenty-five, I believe, and Kate is frantically braking after forty. And remember that's oh-so-cool for guys but certainly not for women! I say bravo to the Kate's of the world…where was I?

Natch Kate's gal pals start to judge…even mock her. They feel it's their duty, nay their right, to address her blatant disregard for humility. She's prancing around all happy and in love, she's even planning on keeping the boy toy! This just wont do.

Ah, but what's the one thing people never learn? Besides the fact even late at night when no ones looking chocolate is still fattening. What's the other thing? Right. Love is blind and no one thinks himself or herself a fool when they truly feel they're in love. Attack their heart's fancy and be attacked yourself! Kate feels not only is she just in her love of Jed, but she may just have found her soul mate. A young soul mate, but none-the-less.

As she and her beloved friends part ways over a spat regarding her blossoming forbidden love, the Molly and Janine decide Kate most definitely needs to be saved from herself and her folly.

As true friends they can see she really desperately needs their help. They must prove to her Jed's just a lark and would leave her for the next skirt that twirls his way and flashes him her cotton undies…

Who's right? Who's wrong…does anyone really need to be? Oh consequences of deeds done dirty have never been so grave. The three will test their friendship right down to the bottom of their favorite gin bottle this time.

This new stud-muffin on-the-scene Kenny Doughty, who plays Jed, is truly scrumptious. He's a Sheppard's Pie of a man...each succulent layer more complex and delicious than the last! On top of that Kenny comes complete with a thick deep Northern British accent that makes one weak in the knees. I had a chance to chat with him about his career and he he said it was a film about based in his tiny home town he saw as a small lad, and watching uber talent Ralph Fiennes acting grace, that made him want to become an actor himself. Sweet, and impeccable taste? Wrap him up I'll take 'im!

Andie MacDowell is stunning per usual. What's weird is she plays a matronly gal with odd clothing tastes. Few folks could look this adorable in frump wear! Andie's one of my favorite actresses.

The other Sad F***er Club mates Molly and Janine, or Anna Chancellor and Imelda Staunton, are wonderful as well. You really felt these girls got together and hung out their chemistry was just that strong.

Crush managed to keep its characters are warm, witty, real and genuinely enthralling. You may learn a tidbit about minding ones business and the faults we can all have. So girls gather your forces and make it girl's night for this touching warm tale of the spirit of friendship and the drunkening draw of romance.


Snack Recommendation: Gin and ciggies at a smart bar.
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