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Dr Doolittle 2


Two words for you: family movie.

And I mean 100%- mini-van driving- "my kid made the honor list"sticker sporting- weekends at the kid's soccer game- Disney's the only vacation you've had in five years-McDonald's is a treat kind of suburbia USA family. All the little aspiring Veterinarians around the world will be in their glory, as the talking animals are, still, a hoot. But, for the older generation, without kids, it will take a strong martini and a happy pill to sit squirm free for what seemed like a Titanic length film.

The magic of the first Eddie Murphy Dr. Doolittle is replaced with goofy way-out there storylines, bad toilet jokes, and a sacharin laced goody-tewo-shoes mushfest family.

Doolittle did little for me, and that's okay, it is for the kids. In the same way that The World's Greatest Athelete, Herbie the Love Bug, or That Darn Cat were not, in anyway, meant for adults. Neither is this. We are all so spoiled with the double-meaning movies Disney and Pixar have managed to produce. The intelligent kind all ages can enjoy, and not just the wee ones. This ones for the wee ones!

Ed's back as Dr. Doolittle the magical doctor who communicates with the animal kingdom. Doolittle is approached by a wiseguy raccoon who tells him "da boss would like a meeting with yous."

The boss is a portly beaver a'la The Godfather. Very funny. He explains to Murphy er, Doolittle the big bad logging company is coming in and grabbing his territory. Dayz movin' in, see. The animals of the forest need Doolittle to save them. Speak up for them.

How? Seems there is one female Pacific Western bear, named Eva (endangered and voiced by Lisa Kudrow) in the doomed land spread. If Doolittle can get captive performing PW bear named Archie (Steve Zahn voiced), to mate with her- bingo preservation of the species and protected habitat.

If not the loggers come in and level the place.

Sounds easy. But, Archie's no Yogi bear! He's a big old - tap dancing- tutu wearing- dancin' fool - geek-lacking only the Buddy Holly glasses and the pocket-o-pens. Think Andy Dick without the sense of humor. Archie can't swim, nearly drowns when fishing and prefers Wolgang Puck take-out to meal worm foraging. Meanwhile her other lover-to-be-in-running is a rough and ready Kodiak bear.

Trouble in Sierra paradise. Dr. Doolittle has a month to get Archie to be a bear instead of the Wayne Newton of circus animals. Archie and Eva must fornicate to populate their kind and, of course, save the forest.

Some wafer-thin subplot is entangled about Doolittle and his annoying teenage daughter (Raven-Symone) being filled with the usual spoiled girl angst and mundane secrets. Yawn. Murphy is so unnatural as a dad the scenes were painful to watch.

Norm MacDonald voiced the family pooch, Lucky, and had the few borderline PG lines the other "family" movies drop in behind the kids' back. There will be none of that here! Pure unadulterated child's play.

Take the kid (s), the younger kids and try to remember when you bought in to this kind of farcical fluff. DR2 is gonna be great this Thanksgiving when you need one of those all around family movies even the toddlerins' can view without causing later-life therapy. Holiday list: perhaps Nutty Professor 2, Dr. Doolittle 2, and Eddie Murphy Raw for when the chillin' goes to bed and before you break out the porn.

Snack Recommendation: Honey and Salmon

Starring: Eddie Murphy, Kristen Wilson, Kyla Pratt, Raven-Symone, Kevin Pollock (poor schmuck) and Jeffrey Jones



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