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Double Jeopardy

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Starring: Ashley Judd, Tommy Lee Jones , Spencer Treat Clark, and Bruce Greenward.
Directed by: Bruce Beresford


Grizzly bear, Tommy Lee Jones is all over the screen, which means , basically, it could have been a documentary on Royal Nostril Hairs Down The Centuries, for all I cared! He is such such a manly man. Sure his face is getting slightly leathery-but I'd still do 'im in a nanosecond. Note to self: Learn Polo before next season.

Double Jeopardy is not a movie with big surprises, but it sure is a fun movie.

Story goes... Miss Beau-T-Full, Libby Parson (Ashley Judd) has a picture perfect life on the coast in Washington state. A precious son, Matty (Spencer Treat Clark) and a successful 'Captain of Congeniality' in a Kennedyesque way husband, Nick (Bruce Greenwood).

Hmm, ya just know this won't last. Her overly attentive nanny is definitely up to no good. No one loves other people's kids THAT much, sorry. Like I say, it's Suspense Film 101. BUT, and this is the point, it's still very entertaining.

Soon, Libby is framed for her husband's murder. Conveniently there is all this physical evidence. She apparently decided to slice and dice him and feed him to the fishes. Naturally, all her Martha Stewart coordinate wearing pseudo friends walk away from her now that she's not feeding them hoity toity Pate molds waterside. She has a speedy trial, and presto she is left to the kindness of her new roomies at the big house.

The movie skipped any real-life prison scenes, like lesbo stuff or the 'blow jobs for ciggies' and makes Libby's prison time seem like a long stay at a favorite summer camp. Well, obviously less one very important ingredient--the GUYS! While behind bars she learns a lot about this murder she supposedly executed-and she aint to happy.

When Libbowski gets out, she sets out to find her long lost little boy. Sniff. First she must check into a half-way home for wayward gals.

Enter Travis. Travis (TL "Texas Charmer" Jones) is one bad ass, alcoholic half way house commando with a hair across his firm buttocks. He hates women. Ya, he's in the right job-a woman's home. Can you say bitter dickhead? Anywhodlum, after Libby breaks the rules and goes looking for her son, he relentlessly follows.

Tommy Lee is good at that character. Think about it...Tommy Lee Jones never sucks. . His delivery of wry humor mixed with his signature authoritarian vibrato fills the screen. Doesn't he seem like he'd be fun to do like fifteen Tequila shots with at a honky tonk in lower Texas...then lure him back to your tacky albeit clean roadside room...pop in some Patsy Cline and check out his surgical scars...mmmmm. Um, sorry, I lost myself.

Ashley Judd is such a chick babe, not that I'm a clam digger or nothing. I can just relate to beauty as deep as hers, we're practically twins. Behind those little twinkly eyes is a brain that dispenses a true acting talent.

Yeah, all right it's a chick flick. Lots of man bashing, women retaliating and a few really cool outfits thrown in. But, look at it this way, Ashley can probably get a guy to agree to seeing this! If your both into men? No prob, there's Tommy Lee-that's what I call double Jeopardy.

Oh, I'm not gonna tell you what Double Jeopardy is. I will say it is our fifth amendment, and undoubtedly the one OJ will be using someday when Alzheimer's kicks in and he openly brags about the heinous deed. Not that I have an opinion on that, just a random thought.

This is a great evening out. The script by David Weisberg and Douglas S. Cook lets his actors have a little fun. Keep your ear attentive to catch several extremely witty and different dialog pieces...




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