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E.T The Extra-Terrestrial 20th Anniversary

Starring: Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore, Dee Wallace-Stone,
Peter Coyote and Robert MacNaughton
Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Rated: PG


Little E.T is back and as special as ever…

The greatest thing about the E.T The Extra-Terrestrial 20th Anniversary release is the new technology the filmmakers are able to apply all these years later. The new generation of potential E.T. lovers needs a bit more oomph for their special effects dollar, and though the changes are subtle, they are for the better. Now you'll actually be able to convince the X-Box generation E.T. is cool!

The opening scene, for those who remember or own the video, had E.T. 'running' through the woods. Part of his charm was he seemed to be rolling along on a dolly more than hot footin' it from the feds. Now thanks to the wonder of CGI, E.T. looks like he's actually got feet! See, sometimes revamping, and "restoring" a film is good...

The story is a mix of fantasy and fairy tale with morals about the good old meaning of true friendship and loyalty thrown in. An alien being is stranded here on Earth. He's scared silly and under attack from those people who would dissect him, study him, and discard him…

Luckily he meets a young ten year old boy named, Elliot (Henry Thomas) and the adorable being is safe for the time being.

Elliot is a kind boy and he's determined to keep E.T. safe until the creature and he can figure out a way to get it home.

E.T. is very sad…and even if they cannot talk traditionally the communication between the two is plain to see. E.T. is lonely, confused and scared-- as any of us would be if we were lost , let alone 30,0000 light years from home!

Elliot commandeers a few of his friends to help with the homeward bound mission and tip toes around his little sister and uber brat Gertie (tiny Drew Barrymore).

Oops, she's found out about the lost fellow from outer space and thinks he's precious in a living doll kind of way. She is tickled pink, now she has a really cool if a tad creepy doll to play dress up! Elliot has to convince her to stay quiet and discreet and stop torturing the poor thing.

E.T. puts up with all the shenanigans the kids put him through, but ultimately he just wants to phone home and exit this wacky place…though he is growing fond of his new friends.


If you've never seen this go now…stop reading and get to a theater. If you remember it from your past…do yourself a favor and rediscover E.T. Even as cynical as the world's become, E.T. still makes you believe in good!

Steven Spielberg decided to change a semi-violent scene that has poor little E.T. and his rescuers under fire from the police. Real guns are waved! No more! I too always thought that was a tad extreme of the adults too. You're saving an animal/alien/thing and the local police and government agencies are drawing guns on you? And you are just these local normally law abiding children? Good edit and retouch job. They have less severe objects in their hands now. Bravo!

The rest of the tale is in tact and truthfully the subtle changes thanks to technology only make E.T. more real, and lovable. The heart-warming friendship that blossoms, the intrigue as we learn about the delicate fellow, and that infamous tear inducing ending is still very much in place.

What a joy to see E.T. back on the big screen and the little edits, that I feel they would have done -back then-if they could now in place. I admit I adored this back then too. I bet now, all the kids who wondered who this ugly thing was that they waited two hours to take a quick bike ride with at the theme park will be begging to go back and visit with E.T.!

Don't forget to bring tissues.

Snack recommendation: M&M's (it's their turn Reese's Pieces have had 20 years!)

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