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The Eye

Starring: Lee Sin-Je and Lawrence Chou
Directed by: The Pang Brothers
Cantonese w/ subtitles



The Eye volleys between culture clashing mediocrity and spine-tingling supernatural genius. Ultimately, you should be left satisfied with a rather pleasant experience thanks to a few unexpected twists towards the end. But if it were neater and edited a tad - it would have been incredible.

Story goes...Mun (Lee Sin-Je) has just had a delicate eye surgery to restore her sight. Blind since childhood her heart is full with anticipation.

The operation is a success and Mun starts to see the world…unfortunately she also starts to see a feared and dreaded "other world."

There's some sort of horrible unexplicable addition to her new-found site. Her new eyes have given of her the ability to see death and the dead - literally.

Mun thinks she may be going mad as apparitions (creepy levitating apparitions) come and go leaving her in a state of pure frenzy. As if this were not bad enough, Mun also sees ghostly figures that accompany the dead away from their earthly bodies; an army of Grim Reapers if you will. Shudder.

With the help of her psychologist (who, naturally, is smitten with her) Mun travels to the birthplace of her cornea donor, Ling, to discover the secrets of their sight.

Personally this horror style genuinely scares me. I can take werewolves and demons but show me a levitating ghost and I am a girly girl seeking refuge nestled under a blankie somewhere! And there are plenty of these floating carcasses strewn about! In fact The Eye has a plethora of half bodied, half faced creeping phantoms, themselves harmless enough, not so evil. But none the less terrifying thanks to accenting direction by the Pang Brothers.

But the film lacks (and lacks bad) clean continuity, developed characters and a realistic style. Some of the interior sets are just plain old cheesy and distracting. But that having been said The Eye redeems itself with little dollops of originality (script-wise) and has a few old fashioned genuine horror inducing naughty bits.

Snack recommendation: Chinese take-away


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