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Family Man


Starring: Nicolas Cage, Téa Leoni, Jeremy Piven and Don Cheadle
Directed by: Brett Ratner

What if... Yeah, that's the tag line to Family Man. Sometimes we all wonder...what if I married that pot smoking, hard drinking, remedial class Neanderthal studboy named Rob instead of pursuing an uber career? Would I be happy with 3.5 kids, a mini-van and a steady flow of Swanson TV meals from the freezer. Or be sitting drooling, quazi-sedated in a padded cell? What if...

Jack Campbell (Nicolas ' Here for your viewing pleasure gals" Cage) gets just that chance. A glimpse into what his life could have been had he made different decisions.

Now? Well, Jack's president of a titan Wall Street firm hell bent on the good things in life. His apartment ,er, penthouse has all the New York fixins - door man, view, PARKING. Sure he spends holidays utterly alone, but he's got a silver Ferrari that brings radial tidings of joy each and everyday.

Then one frosty night his guardian angel steps in. Jack's not reeaally happy the angel dude explains. He's lost sight of what's important- tah. Jack must now reflect on a lost love. A lost life. See, a decision he made 13 years before changed road he's on today. So, where he would have been?

Suburbia USA. Arrgghh. He has a really nice wife Kate (Tea -a-for-two-ah- Leone) two kids, a comfy home and a hideously menial job. BUT, is he really missing all this in his real life back on Wall Street? Is Jack secretly square? Could he be a bore? A settled stud? What is to become of Jack...

Geeze I wish the daddies in my little neighborhood looked like Cage and less like John Goodman. One might possibly rethink the whole one-man-for-me scenario. Nah.

Nicolas Cage serves up a cross between his Hi character from Raising Arizona and his Castor Troy villain in Face Off. He's not animated-lord no, but, comfortable in the role. I even saw him laugh! Nicky is simply mesmerizing to me anyway, dictionary definition of "my type." A man steak slowly roasted over a back yard grill. Yum-o-rama central.

Tea Leone aka XFile guy's wife, does a great job. We never see enough of her. I guess she's doing that whole Hollywood housewife thingy. Maybe this will put her back in the good graces of Hollywood. They tend to be fickle.

The kids are adorable. Bright and suuupppeeerr real. Not that I have any mind you - perish the thought. But, I do have nieces and nephews, and they act like this brand.

Family Man is a warm movie. Slow at times, but never dull. You'll be thinking a lot on the way home about that special someone who got away, got thrown away, or incarcerated before his time. Hey, four words for you Nic in bikini underwear. Nuff said girls? Plus the story's great. Enjoy.

Snack recommendation: Quail and Scallops with chocolate milk.




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