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Almost Famous

Starring: Patrick Fugit, Billy Crudup, Kate Hudson, Jason Lee and Frances McDormand
Directed by: Cameron Crowe

Don't I know that feeling...argggh.


So strong are the performances, in Almost Famous, the film didn't need the amazing script and groovy soundtrack-but you got them anyway.

Director Cameron Crowe (Jerry Maguire fame) didn't get his original actor choices for two main players. He got, instead Kate Hudson and Patrick Fugit. Makes you sit back with the geriatric pot bellied pig in your back yard, and rethink the whole mystical kismet karma thingy. I mean to say, I can't think of a cast who could have pulled this off as well.

Story goes...a semi-dweeb, William Miller (Patrick "fugit just" Fugit) has a secret hobby. Writing for the once lava lamp hot rock mag Rolling Stone. It's the 1970's -don't get scared the film's really awesome - and Billy Boy has just been asked by RS to travel about with up and comer rock and rollers, Stillwater. He's there as a public liaison, to get the scoop on their tour, and report the "happenings". Stillwater is a generic 70's rock band with all the usual; sexy hairy guys, loud music and groupies...mostly of the under age chicks variety, hoping to hang with/on the band. This was pre-Aids and everyone was just having fun- not that I know- I assume- I was a mere baby in those distant days of Thai stick doobies, mescaline chased with 151 rum and frosty colas...Besides you can't prove anything can you....

Enter Penny Lane (Kate "It's in the genes" Hudson). Penny and Billy become friends. The two learn some lessons in life and we go along for the ride.

The lead in the band, Russell Hammond ( Billy "really need to change my name" Crudup) is perfectly egotistical and jaded. He's quite sure when he does poop it's golden and has a flowery scent, unlike the rest of us peasants. I've met him in one form or another about 100 times- how 'bout you?

Kate Hudson proves Hollywood pedigrees can sometimes act too. Daughter of uberperky Goldie Hawn.. Kate will have you riveted to the screen. She's just luminescent.

Young Patrick Fugit looks like every kid in my neighborhood circa 79-83. In fact I'm sure we smoked a bowl in the back smoking mean, cigarette kiddies. A natural. It will be nice to watch him in the next few years.

Oh, nearly forgot to mention, Frances McDormand (Fargo- Blood Simple etc.) is just wonderful as super cool mom to Billy. Maybe she'll get a nod next spring at the Academy Awards gig.

Once in a while, characters, plot, direction and soundtrack come together to create an almost perfect film. Cameron Crowe has done this twice...Enjoy!

Snack Recommendation: Nothing! We have to fit into our skin tight black leather pants for the Black and Blue concert next month! (Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult). Flashback city.





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