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Final Destination 2

Starring: A.J. Cook and Ali Carter
Directed by: David R. Ellis
Rated: R


Final Destination 2
is even wilder than the first! Eek. Okay it's not an academy award winning script - what did you expect? But as far as pure adrenalin pumping horror goes? It's a friggitini masterpiece; a thrill ride that grabs you by the neck and catapults you through the elaborate and intricate "death" scenes like a virtual horror house or something. Believe me these scenes are surprising and original, tricky and shocking for a B style film- that's saying something. It's just like a horror flick should be. This is part two, and like first Final Destination here too is a tried and true premise; you can't beat death when it comes-a-knocking! But it's the nonstop action and the no-appologies-given yuckfest that makes you shrill like a teenybopper stuck in the fun house at the state fair at every shocking effect! Loved it.

Story goes… Kimberly (A.J. Cook) is heading to Daytona for frolicking, f**king and fun. But as she's about to get her and her friends on the interstate she has a mortifying and realistic vision that she and a gaggle of commuters are hacked up in a hideous chain-reaction collision.

Kimberly reacts as anybody would and quickly blocks the on ramp with her SUV. Naturally the folks behind her are ripshit and start protesting. When the accident occurs just as she predicted they all take a deep breath - then go on with their lives.

Yes they survive. But as a result, Death aint too happy with the meddling kid. It decides they all shall die and in a similar manner in which it had planned. Superscariopolis!

The acquaintances catch on fairly quickly something surreal is underway as they start to drop like flies in a Raid® commercial. Kimberly has an idea she gathers the survivors and attempts to prevent any more deadly "coincidences." Coincidences she's convinced are all too reminiscent of events from last years group of "survivors" of a catastrophe (Final Destination One).

Being a smart little cookie she thinks, maybe, the sole survivor (Ali Carter) of that past event can help- since somehow - history seems to be repeating.

Together they kind of figure out the way to cheat death, but is she willing to pay the price? Whaoahoahahoahoha (<- evil laugh).

There's a sad lack of manly eye candy to entertain the shallower of viewers. But you'd only get all smitten with a hunky beau that's about to be mutilated in some grand and elaborate way anyway. So it's probably just as well.

FD2 is a wicked goosebump inducing flickaroo! Director David R. Ellis terrifies us throughout the creepfest. You'll be driving home slowly and cautiously after this one folks! It's a great date movie as you'll have an excuse to leap into the lap of your companion without garnering that pesky tag of "Theater Slut." Enjoy!

Snack recommendation: A microwaved pre-show meal to get you in the mood….


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