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Final Cut

Starring: Robin Williams, Mira Sorvino, Jim Caviezel
Written/directed by:
Omar Naim

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Bluntly speaking? Final Cut is going to burrow into your psyche and make you wonder a bit. It's a smart, dark, glimpse into cerebral science's possible paths and the menacing state of civil rights' future. The subjects explored are wonderfully discomforting.

Final Cut subtly examines the ever-more-intrusive route of information technology brilliantly. Its messages leans toward anti-Big Brotherish, while the post Modernistic Twilight Zoney-extended-episode-feeling stitched into elaborated factual advances of science makes for exhilarating, "What's next…" or "What if…" discussions on the way home from the theater - and great film making. The production's deep feel is deliciously dark and futuristic - steel mahogany infused celluloid. .

Story Goes…The Zoë Corporation has been around for about 40 years. They produce a microchip that is implanted into the brain at birth by loving parents. This thoughtful device literally records your every memory and when you die, it is removed, downloaded and cleverly edited by one of their "Cutters" into a kind of non-hosted "This-Was-Your-Life" documentary short.

The chip records absolutely everything from the mundane to the extraordinary, from the good to the bad or evil. The job of the Cutter is to take from these billions of memories and present an edited, nicer, proper version of your life in a memorial called a Rememory for your loved ones.

Naturally a Cutter sees everything - there are no secrets. It's an intimate, disturbing, job.

Alan Hackman (Robin Williams) is a "Cutter" reputed to be the best in the biz. He's a pro at kind of Disneyfying even the worst of folks. Alan has personal reasons for wanting to edit the lives of others into these neat little capsules of happiness.

But when his editing specialties get him involved with an all-around-corporate sleazstack/pervert, named Bannister, Alan's conscience re-awakes and his past, in many forms, comes streaming in.

Seems, this Bannister character was the head of a questionable corporation and a stellar scumbag. His many volumes of secrets - his unedited life-recording - could assist the anti-Zoë, anti-chip, coalition in many ways.

Enter an ex-Cutter with a big chip, but on his shoulder, named Fletcher (Jim Caviziel). He pleads with Alan to hand over the chip for the better of man. What's Alan to do.

Meanwhile, back in Alan's darker mind crevices, while in pursuit of his own personal demons, he discovers something that is to have a profound affect on his life's documentary. We learn Alan's life work of purifying others' pasts stems from his own frightful event from his childhood - and the guilt he carries like a trek mule. Technology is about to help Alan's conscience step out from the murky memories and into clear focus. But is it too late?

Robin Williams thrives in this darker, gray area, character skin. Here, as solemn Alan Hackman, he serves up a yet another subtle performance that screams in volumes with its undertow of inner rage and confusion.

His main nemesis Fletcher, played by Jim Caveziel, is not as subtle - and frankly the man seems to be wearing some sort of Halloween-style pirate's beard. Dunno what they were thinking here - but it was as distracting as the man is beautiful. Fletcher came off kinda like a studied chapter from 'Bad-Guy Acting for Dummies' as well - not what what one expects from Jimmy.

The eva-beautiful Mira Sorvino shows as Delilah, Alan's patient girlfriend and as always this gal radiates.

Final Cut has a few flamboyant faux pas within all the filmatic brilliance...but the over-all experience remarkably thoughtful, artful, and engaging. Enjoy Buy it

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