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Finding NeverlandFinding Neverland

Starring: Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Dustin Hoffman, Radha Mitchelle, Julie Christi and Freddie Highmore
Directed by: Marc Forster

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Bluntly speaking? Finding Neverland is as magical as J.M. Barrie's own timeless Peter Pan tale. It's a fictional look at how the man who refused to grow up, discovered his inner-Pan and flew into history.

Story goes…J.M. Barrie (Johnny Depp) is a relatively popular playwrite. His producer Charles Frohman (Dustin Hoffman) believes in him completely - even when there's money involved. On the heels of a recent play's failure, and in the middle of an unhappy marriage, Barrie takes to the local park hoping for inspiration and escape.

He finds it. His salvation comes in the form of an extraordinary group of boys, the Llewelyn Davies boys. They're a motley crew of rambunctious lads who are encouraged by their beautiful mother Sylvia (Kate Winslet).

An unconventional friendship - especially in the prim and proper days of Victorian England - is formed 'tween the group. Barrie kind of adopts the family and relishes in their time together. He starts to create tales of mischief for the boys; plays and adventures designed to enchant their imaginations.

However, one of the lads, Peter (Freddie Highmore), is having none of it. Having lost their father recently (before meeting Barrie here) each deals with their grief in different ways. Peter insists on now living a reality-based world. There is no time for mayhem. This stern child positively intrigues Barrie who begs the child to explore his imagination and let his mind fly into the land of wonder.

Barrie also starts to fall for the boys' mum. But it is a touching relationship about real love - not just physical lusts. When darkeness again strikes the Llewelyn Davies household Barrie is there and they save each other in a way.

The cast, costumes, sets and ambience is radiant. Little Freddie Highmore, who plays Peter, who will later become the namesake of Peter Pan, is going to steal your heart. Be warned.

As for the that dollop of pure man herion Mr. Depp? Well, ladies and gentlemen of the readership, once again this cupcake of talent delivers a sweet subtle perfomance that sneaks into your heart and sets up house. And frankly, the man is extra dapperdoodle-to-die-for-scrumptious in the frocks he's sporting...(she said wiping the still present dropplets of sweat in memory of his exquisite man-beauty).

Kate Winslet positively beams, and is as beautiful as she is talented. Kate's the kinda gal that makes little girls want to grow up and become actors...Enjoy.

DVD Notes; The feautrettes on the Finding Neverland dvd are delightful. The Magic of Finding Neverland gives you a glimpse at what a happy little set this magical film had. The 'creating' feature - which gave insight to the creation behind the scenes - was way to short. With all the mixed elements of the old-school and cgi effects this film blended, I personally, could have watched an hour on their steps. The commentary, with director Marc Forester, writer (screenplay) David Magee, and producer Richard Gladstein, is detailed and really pokes into the seams of this masterwork; down to their excitement over a "worn carpet." It's the details that often make a film like this really pop - of course talents like Kate Winslet, Freddie Highmore and Johnny Depp helped. These behind the scene insights really let us in to their process. It's one of the best commentary's to date. Sadly, the 'Red Carpet' segment the dvd houses, is hardly worthy of this film. No imagination and frankly a snorefest of talking heads. Where's the dynamic feeling one gets on the red carpet? Not here. When will these producers watch the Blunt Red Carpet segments and get a real pro (me) who'll infuse some energy and humor into their segments? Buy it

Snack recommendation: Fried Crocodile nuggets and cherry cokes with ice cream floats…

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