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Forrest | Forrest
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Bluntly speaking?
You can all thank me later for this musical find! The man they call "Forrest" has one of the finest voices I've heard in a year - and he writes his own songs, and he's tall, viciously vikingly handsome, and comes complete with that humble artist's still my manlovin' little heart.

Admittedly, his CD isn't Amazon-easy to get - but this talent's well worth the effort...

So how'd I get the one-up-know now? A Santa Rosa transplant recently landed in the City of Angeles, musician Forrest happened to be playing a live gig at a friend's party. Being so not into the mock-punk-grunge-wanna be scene I had done my usual tuning out of the guy...I suddenly snapped into attention - as did others in the space - as Forrest armed with only a stool, an acoustic guitar and his hands-on producer, Georg Brandl Egloff on a Wurlitzer electric piano, slipped into his set of delightful ditties.

The intelligente ceased their sport as Forrest captured our cynical minds and smoothly engaged the captured audience with his original pieces like a seasoned pro.

His style? Well, that's the best part. He's wholly original while having hues of flower-child songwriting technique commingle with modern angst, dolloped with a bit Donovan-ish lighthearted vocal arcs and his own completely soulful multi-pitched voice that makes the "have-to-compare-him-to-a-known-voice" motto fly out the window! He's that good.

I ran over and bought -yes I said bought- a CD and cooed over my musical find through the darkened twisting hills of Hollywood.

Forrest sings six tunes on his debut CD 'Forrest.'

First up is 'Novocaine' (yes a million songs, three garage bands and a twisted dentist in Peoria have this kind of "catchy" monicker, but forgive him, it's what's inside the piece that's magical). The generically titled song is anything but as obvious as its marketable title. You'll find him strumming and swinging and you'll be hardpressed not to want to twirl about and sing along...

He covers a peace-love-and-understanding anthem in 'For What It's Worth' (aka 'Something's Happenin' Here') with such a legitimate homage to the era, I suspect this "kid's" really stepped out of a time machine Timothy Leary had hidden in his Beverly Hills watershed of dreams... his 'GetAWay' is a cozy lazy intimate ode to a break up that's plain old fun and at the same time, as with this talent's work breezy and catchy. Another, 'Look Outside,' supplies more of his singular stylin' vocals. For 'Open the Door' Forrest adds a bit of summer-concert-series accents in the notes. In 'Bottom of the Hill' he plucks and soulfully shares a bit of relatable heartache. His voice jumps between highs and lows seamlessly, as your toes start to tap along and you're swept up into the riffs and tinkling piano. This may be the prettiest song on the CD.

BUY THIS - trust me Forrest will be $18.99 in six months and $60.00 (plus a Ticketmaster assfee) a for a concert ticket. Order his six song CD for a mere $8.99 (shipping included):

Give this kid a contract - someone! You'll only be helping yourself....and a rare talent en route. If you're in Los Angeles he frequents the Highlands or something...get on his newsletter dude what am I your social director?Emily Blunt


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