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This is one of the most touching movies since Forrest Gump.

Frequency is filled with a mix of genres. There's parallel universes, sci-fi Einstein theory stuff, and a great father and son reunion that , well, had me sniffing and fighting back tearsfor a half an hour, quite frankly.

Story goes...

In childhood police officer, John Sullivan ( Jim " where have I been hiding?" Caviezel ), lost his firefighter dad - tragically. When, through the powers of time travel and a really cool radio, he tunes into the past, he may just be able to change that horrific event. John has somehow clicked onto his father's radio frequency - back in time. Gives you goose bumps doesn't it? After they reconnect, the son has some news for his still alive and well dad...

Naturally, there's a problem with altering the past. We all could have told him that. It's never just running back quick in time, change that grade and I'm sitting pretty in my William Morris office today. Noooo. Some dreadful occurrences would have to then have had taken place. Like, Fluffy the family's prized cat would have been run over by you, because now you would have been out celebrating and a touch inebriated, and careened into the drive way right as the Fluffster meandered across.

In John Sullivan's case it's a whole lot worse than a smooshed cat.

Fabulous and too little seen Dennis Quaid plays Frank Sullivan.Loving dad to Johnnie, and heroic fireman. This Quaid guy has always been pure sex pheromones, huh? He's got that mad twinkle that makes you want to go rapid Rhesus Monkey sex on him....well, he's married to uber cutie Meg Ryan, so, I'm guessing he's a well taken. Whatever, on to the next smit.

Frequency really is well done. It's touching, interesting and thrilling. Hmmm. Like a real movie should be. Kudos to director Gregory Hoblit, I think he intertwined timelines and storylines perfectly.

Snack Recommendation: Warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

Starring: Dennis Quaid, Jim Caviezel and Andre Braugher

Directed by: Gregory Hoblit
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