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I heard a rumor, it may be gossip but I must share it with you anyway.

I'm not one to talk behind a person's back so I'll be quick. Not, that I'm judging mind you. It's really not for me to say. You know maybe I should just go... You did ask though.

Now, you didn't hear this from me, and I'll deny it if anyone asks. Lean in closer to the screen so I can whisper it to you...

Okay here goes.

This "movie" sucks real hard. The plot and characters are simply annoying. Not even the pubescent Felicity snorting-Dawson's Creek paddling-miniwaisted-tiedied-faux India wrap-wearing-pretty folks are gonna buy this one, this time. Icky poo-poo.

Snack Recommendation: Pepcid chewable

Starring: James Marsden, Norman Reedus and Joshua Jackson

Directed by: Davis Guggenheim

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