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movie reviewsVeronica Guerin

Starring: Cate Blanchett, Ciaran Hinds and Gerard McSorley
Directed by: Joel Schumacher
Rated: R


Veronica Guerin is a heart-breaker… not just the true story about the woman who gave her life to save others (in a round about way) but because the film hardly does her justice. Even Cate Blanchett who's high on the list of fave chickbabe actors is…well…frankly is too aloof to adore as the real-life Veronica Guerin - the slaughtered journalist whose murder got a dozen bills passed protecting children from drug lords.

Story goes…Ireland's tougher neighborhood is riddled with children using drugs. Expose writer Veronica Guerin, who is known in the; land as a women unafraid to discover the truth - and print it - decides to investigate the whole despicable lot behind the dealings.

She's not very bright - in the sense of "subtle" jouranlism. She's openly meddling and poking in the seediest of conspiracies and that's never good. Almost immediately her informer (Ciaran Hinds) feeds her to the tippity-top head honcho John Gilligan (Gerard McSorley). And this Gilligan and Skipper's little buddy- he's a vicous killer who wants her dead.

To get an insight into this woman's drive the filmmakers include a scene that shows not only how defiant (to a fault) the gal was, but how naïve she could be. In an act of pure madness, Verinica shows up at the kingpin Gilligan's estate to question him - at his front door, "How do you do!"

He beats her up - literally. Pummels her like a boxer's bag in a sweaty gym. It's horrific - and TRUE.

But even after her pretty face is pulverized and she's shot in the leg…this chick keeps going. There's hints that she also thrived on the spotlight an enjoyed the fame her notorious story was bringing to her…

Her family watches as things start to get very scary. They plead for her to let it go before…

The film misses completely. Poor Cate Blanchett zippety-do-das across the screen to the point where we are catcalling at the journalist to wise-up already. Certainly the woman was smarter then this and if not- they should have let her have it for her contributions to the people.

They have a cameo of the "It" bad boy manlyberry studmuffin Colin Farrell. He shows up in his element, and one almost wonders (for an instant) if they just happened upon him and filmed…

The end has the worst sappy funeral scene in the history of film accompanied by what can only be called a child with a bagpipe styled voice that'll have you screaming for mercy within three bars! Horrid.

Shame on the lot for creating this mish mosh of an Irish hero. Skip it!

Snack recommendation: Irish soda bread bangers and mash with a pint of Guinness.



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