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Starring: Ron Perlman. Sema Blair and John Hurt
Directed by: Guillermo Del Toro

Bluntly Speaking? Hellboy is one of those fantastical goofy-fun, thoroughly engaging, sci-fi comic book tales. Master director Guillermo Del Toro artistically glues the fanciful bits to his celluloid canvas creating a visual feast for the imagination!

Story goes.... Hitler and his conniving Nazis, fearing the war was to be lost, branch their evil out to include the ancient demons of the occult - anything to win. They've hired a wizard of sorts to perform a ceremony (on sacred ground - natch). This evil man will bring forth an evil so evil it means the end of the world. He's opening a portal to Hell, or what we would call Hell, and releasing its fury on little old Earth.

As the music crescendos and the storms whip about ...a good-guy scientist leads a group of soldiers to the secret lair and busts up the portal party. The Nazis are stopped in the knickity-woo of time!

But, oospie, "something" did slip through the other-dimensional portal. It's a little red monkey thingy. No, it's a boy...he's just red and has horns and looks a tad like a Rhesus primate. The kind scientist spares the creatures life and adopts the little guy, nicknaming him (dadadadum), Hellboy!

Shoot ahead sixty years and we meet a sarcastic, misanthrope that enjoys saving humans from demons and monsters for the FBI. Hellboy's now this six foot six mega-muscled chap (Ron Perlman) that files his horns so he fits in, whines about his woes, chain smokes cigars and has an addiction to cats. Hehe.

HB's daily routine of saving mankind is going to be truly tested as a few Nazis from his past return. They need him - he's the key - to open the portal, and thusly end the world, once and for all.

Can Hellboy stop the evil walking dead Nazis' dastardly world-ruining plan before they can release the other-dimensional multi-eyed Hellhounds, Octopus-like giantatour slugs and a sand filled eyelid-less assassin on the world? Hmm. Maybe.

The film's director, Guillermo Del Toro never disappoints and his wildly imaginative style truly shines here - of course his casting Ron Perlman as anger-pod with-a-heart Hellboy was genius too. Perlman looks as if he just spray-painted himself red and chatted at the camera - he's that good. He always is. But here the movie works because of his work. Period.

And the special effects are very Del Toro. Those familiar with his particular "style" will have an extra giggle when they see he's even managed to slip in his signature Baron Von Munchausen-eqsue time stopping clockwork props!

I know nothing about the comic but I do know this was a helluva bit of entertainment - but then it's Guillermo Del Toro I for one expected nothing less.

Snack recommendation: Pancakes and Baby Ruth bars (Cosco sized)

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