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Hollywood Homicide

Starring: Harrison Ford, Josh Hartnett, Lena Olin, Bruce Greenwood, Isaiah Washington, Lolita Davidovich, Keith David, Master P, Dwight Yoakam, and Martin Landau
Directed by: Ron Shelton
Rated: PG13


Hollywood Homicide is just too friggin' done already! There's not a stitch of originality in it and there's no chemistry (if you ask me) between Harrison Ford and Josh Harnett.

Story goes…. ornery veteran of the force, Detective Joe Gavilan (Harrison Ford) is barely putting up with his new semi-flunky yoga-snorting partner K.C. Calden (Josh Harnett).

They are two very different kind of cops though not currupt mind you... Joe is one of those pro-active seminar types and is selling real estate on the side (and many of the film's sincere giggles come from this side job). While his young studly partner K.C. makes ends meet by teaching yoga on the side to beautiful women...

Their extra-curricular money making ventures will have to be curtailed because they are onto to something big back in the department.

A local gansta-man (Vyshonne Miller) in an Armani Hip-Hop record producer just had his rising stars capped (killed) at a hot dance-a-torium. Now it's up to Frick and Frack, um Joe and K.C. I mean, to figure the whole thing out. Something's not Kosher in them thar Hollywood Hills.

I kept wondering why this was made. No really. The jokes are pretty much geared towards Los Angelians and their whole unique Hollywood infected lifestyle - which is super sized here. They have the stereotype of every two feet there's a limo and of course all Los Angelians are spiritual guru seekers pumped up on tofu wearing clothes from Rodeo Drive (tah). While the plot, which follows the theme's inside track, is so "done" an infrequent film viewer could have easily, mouthed the dialog. So why even bother to go through all the production trouble? This film closed down the city of Angels while being filmed that's for sure 'cause they are in every cranny of the city. Yet still, I grew bored...

Harrison Ford is still sexy in a vintage brandy way. Well that is until he starts running after the bad guys. I almost laughed aloud as he hopped along. He's a good actor and even with a paper-thin script surrounding him he ferreted out the tidbits of redemption.

Not so for Josh Hartnett. He's just floundering here. Oh he's handsome enough- I mean really hot actually. Like double cayenne on the enchilada hot here folks. But this guy is not good at intense and against Harrison's patented glare is enough low-end-drama for any of us within a film and there aint room for two in Dodge. Besides HH isn't an intricate drama folks. Poor kid. He too is given some funny lines in his "other" job's area. And in his aspiring other career area. It's Hollywood so natch "K.C." wants to be an actor (hardy har har) and goes so far as to host a showcase of himself butchering "A Streetcar Named Desire." A showcase is entertainment jargon for an actor(s) renting a space to perform in hopes of getting an agent or some such career shaper to come view. Naturally here the play is bad - I mean think Tom Green in Chekov bad - and that's where many of Josh's laughs come in.

There's a few cool cameos from the likes of Lou Diamond Philips, Frank Sinatra Jr. and Gladys Knight and Master P shows as a wealthy club owner, but really with all the hoopla to see a film, what with the cost of popcorn and the annoying audience chatter, wait for rental.

Snack Recommendation: Indian food and Jack Daniels


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