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High Fidelity

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Starring: John Cusack, Iben Hjejle, Lisa Bonet, Jack Black, Sara Gilbert, Todd Louiso,- Joan Cusack and Tim Robbins (they also appeared in Arlington Road-a SUPER movie-see review under "rentals" section)Directed by Stephen Frears


Bluntly speaking? John "I just get better looking every gosh darn day" Cusack, is in nearly every scene. What's not to love? The story's cute. Ever wonder why the love of your life would rather play with his Atari system...oops...I meant PlayStation all night rather than play hide the attached salami? Men mature slower than women. My brother is 41 years old and had to recently be placed on a three "dude" per day maximum by his wife. A wife who he actually begged to marry him at 31. He just knew this was the girl...

Story goes...Rob Gordon (Johnie's character) doesn't know, in fact he's Sir Clueless of Nottingham, quite frankly. He's in and out of relationships like fresh BVDs. This handsome immature likable Rob guy owns a small shop dedicated to his first love - the record.

What is a "record" you ponder?

Well kiddies back before running water and cable TV folks would gather around a large box known as a "console" in the center of their living room. There they'd sit noshing on popcorn, their Howdy Dowdy dolls in hand. Then, as if by magic, they'd be transported musically by the "record." Why they'd listen with glee to groups like The Clash, Electric Light Orchestra or even that popular British group, The Beatles on these rapidly rotating awkward plastic thingies AKA "vinyl" to the really hip. We now have CDs and MP3 players - IPods.

Anyway, Rob has this store and has some real fears about being tied down...Man would I love to tie him down, that big kickboxing mansicle...yummy. His girl friend , Laura (Iben Hjejle) is all whiny she needs a commitment, a man with a future, a man...yatta yatta yatta.

She dumps him for an alfalfa sprout-curry-sitar music playing-Stephen Segal look-a-like, Ian/Ray (Tim "Meow fst fst" Robbins).

Still, Rob believes he can win her back. Laura tells him he's got about a 9 % chance. Guys, that's NOT good. Will, Rob grow up and take Laura as his one true love? Maybe.

Meanwhile, Rob and his adolescent minded duo of spazo boys, Dick (Todd Loiuso ) and Barry (multitalented Jack Black) spend their days Top Five-ing songs to describe their current moods. That's fun...Top Five breakup songs? Hmm. I'd say, Bitch Is Back, Hit the Road Jack, Aint To Proud to Beg -The Rolling Stones version (natch) Wrong 'em Boyo -Clash and Things - Bobby Darin.

Shallow as it may sound, I agreed with "Rob" completely when he states you have to like the same music to cohabitate. I now screen immediately before a date of any kind is agreed upon. If they don't pass my musical and/or movie trivia quizette they aint getting the green light for any kind of advancement --period! Hey, I spent three years with a man who loved that winded musical montage gobbilygop of 25 minute soloists YES. What exactly is their point? I hate them, and him. Um...sorry..I digress.

It's a well written, if sometimes a tad slow love-ish story. John delivers per usual and the soundtrack is a must have. A great flickeroo for all. The official site is pretty cool...check it out...High Fidelity!

Snack Recommendation: Tuna and a beer

P.S. Johnnie co-wrote (adapted)and co-produced, hence all the Clash references.


Blunt Asides:

**EROTICO-BONUS-There's a semi-nude-ish nano-bit of Tim Robbins having wild Rhesus monkey sex...

**COMPLAINT-We get way too little of super chick Joan Cusack. Enjoy the pittance.



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