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Hollow Man

Starring: Kevin Bacon and Elisabeth Shue
Directed by: Paul Verhoeven
Rated: R


Kevin Bacon, who actually kind looks like an " Island of Dr. Moreau" specimen, has always spooked me. So, naturally I was terrified, initially. He plays a nasty genius doctor, Sebastian Cane. Sebby's discovered a serum to make mammals invisible.

It's not "Be Kind to Animals Day" down in Dr. Cane's lab that's for sure. The caged lab animals would have PETA ( People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals) freakin' on him. It's only a movie, it's only a movie. Mammals galore are visible only through infrared glasses, having been tested upon with this breakthrough serum.

His team of way- to-Friends-like- good- looking- to- be science- nerds, are trying to get the proven "invisible" serum to work on humans. But, the Pentagon (- the boss-) has not approved such goings on. Not to worry. Egotistical Dr. Cane will be the Guinea pig. Mr. Control King even insists on injecting himself when they are prepped and ready.

But, natch, complications arise. The antidote that worked so successfully on primates, just isn't working for him. Probably because he's such a alien head. The team needs a little more time to get it right. Oh, but there's another glitch. It seems the mind starts to get a bit volatile from the serum. A violent temper, and delusional paranoia takes over. For the fine doctor who already thinks himself as God, your not sure if it's a chemical reaction or if he's just hopped up on his new found power.

What does he do with his new "invisible" self? Rob a bank? Sneak into a Christina Aguilerra concert? No. He rapes, kills and generally, goes completely mad.

His colleagues are erased one by one. Of course they never do wear their special top-secret infrared glasses that would make him instantly visible to them. They say "oh, he's matched the heating system to himself- they are useless now..." Ya, better to be completely unaware then be able to see a wave of moving heat! Die idiots die.

Kevin is super-duper at being creepy. Even when he's hollow. They cast the right guy. I'm sure he's a swell guy in real life but on film he's pointy and unnervingly wicked.

Elizabeth "Can't act my way out of a shoe box" Shue (Who really does look like brother Andy in drag...I wonder...) must be rabid Rhesus monkey sexing with somebody important. Her acting is in that annoying Seinfeld School of "perpetually aware the camera is there" style. Granted in the last 15 minutes she lightened up a smidge. Still not forgiven.

Hollow Man is really just another horror movie. Nothing more. Not terribly scary either. The special effects were extremely interesting and gory. Quite frankly, they relied too heavily upon them, instead of matching a wicked script to all the hoopla. Over all it seemed long. Unless your really drawn to this, wait for the video.

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