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Bubba Ho-tep

Starring: Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis.
Screenplay/Directed by: Don Coscarelli
Based on a short story by: Joe R. Lansdale

DVD Details [film review below]:

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Rated: Not for sale to persons under age 18.
Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
DVD Release Date: May 25, 2004
DVD Features:
Commentary by director Don Coscarelli and Bruce Campbell

Commentary by "the King"

Theatrical trailer(s), TV spot(s)

Joe R. Landsdale reads from Bubba Ho-Tep

Deleted scenes with optional commentary by Don Coscarelli and Bruce Campbell

"The Making of Bubba Ho-Tep" featurette

"To Make a Mummy" (makeup and effects featurette)

"Fit for a King" (Elvis costuming featurette)

"Rock Like an Egyptian" (featurette about the music of Bubba Ho-Tep)

Music video

Photo gallery

Limited collectible packaging

12-page scrapbook/behind-the-scenes photos with personal comments from Bruce Campbell and Don Coscarelli and a two-page letter from Campbell to his fans

Widescreen anamorphic format

Bubba Ho-tep is an instant cult classic - and why shouldn't it be? It's got all the elements one looks for in their "evil cowboy hat wearing soul sucking Mummy that battles Elvis Presley and John F. Kennedy for control of an East Texas nursing home" movie!

Story goes…What if The King, aka Elvis Presley, wasn't dead at all? What if he had decided to disappear years ago, take a little "break" from the hoopla. Then things beyond his control made it impossible for him to return to his "king" -dom? What if Elvis were alive?

Well he is (here at least). And now The King (Bruce Campbell) is sixty-five, broke, and considered just another whacky Elvis living out his days in a nursing home as one of the many forgotten and delusional residents. Brilliant.

Suddenly the sleepy home, The King could call Wasteland, is under attack by a mysterious flying scarab that prepares its master's food with a bite of venom. Its master is a soul sucking potty-mouthed ancient Egyptian mummy that kinda likes Western wear.

The elderly residents start to fall victim to this evil and the staff figures it's just age getting them...

Only Elvis and his fellow nursing home friend, ex-President John F. Kennedy (Ossie Davis), know the truth behind what lurks in the darkness and they form an army - of sorts - between them.

Can the two American icons kill an ancient parasite? Hmm…

Believe it or not this works. Director Don Coscarelli keeps Joe R. Lansdale's short story - turned film firmly out there but webbed close enough to a baseline of reality that we happily go along for the ride.

And here Elvis is portrayed as a remorseful man that is - brace yourself - human. Bruce Campbell gives The King a rich redeemable soul within all the celebrity of his undying legend. In fact it's one helluva performance by Campbell. Bruce (who's kind of a manlyberry studmuffin under the Elvis make-up) gave what could have easily been carnival-brand Elvis impersonation scenes deep subtle heart and gritty realism while his comic abilities carefully accented with genuine hilarity. He maintained all these layers in the performance and still managed to bring us an oddly respectful vision of The King with a tingly horror film in the forefront.

Ossie Davis as John F. Kennedy was wonderful. Half way through you actually started to think maybe his conspiracy theories weren't so off...nah! Of course as JFK he's off his rocker - mentally - and comes complete with a handful of covert assassination plans. But under the delusions of a old man is a brave man.

Get out and see this soiree into another realm! Bubba Ho-tep is 100% original and utterly entertaining! The art department captured that "Naked Lunch" feel perfectly and the delightfully creepy cinematography by Adam Janeiro adds dollops of perfection to that other-plain-like treat!

If the stunning cinematography, the sweeping classic horror shots and the impeccable cast don't sell you on the film yet? Then see it for the Elvis vs. The Flying Scarab from Hell scene alone! I still cannot operate machinery when I think s of this hilariously ridiculous scene!

Snack recommendation: Fried peanutbutter sandwiches...of course!


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